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How To Stay Safe On Halloween

Halloween has always been a day that is surrounded by an air of death and fright, but we as a society know that these grisly images and macabre masks are for fun. In reality, we still wish to avoid the mortal dangers of the world regardless of how in-depth we go with our festivities.

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The Second Amendment

There aren’t a whole lot of things my pie hole can spew from memory. John 3:16, my kids’ birthdays, and the Second Amendment. And, if you hadn’t noticed, two out of those three are controversial to at least some degree for some people. I get goose bumples all the time whenever I stop and think, […]

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Know Your Target

Why are we still having these conversations? Why do we need to constantly re-iterate things like gun safety to people who claim ignorance when life is taken? Imagine this following scenario for a moment, if you will: You’re driving down the road in the car with your family. You’ve got two kids in the back […]

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