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Diamondback DBX First Impressions

More guns than ever are being released in the 5.7 cartridge. Just to name a few, the Diamondback DBX (the topic of this review), the Ruger-57, and the latest offering from KelTec. However, the 5.7X28 cartridge has become somewhat of a unicorn as of late with in-stock prices rising to about 2$ per round, and […]

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The Truth About Guns Facebook Ban

It’s turning out to be quite the interesting news cycle. A lot of crazy stuff is happening to some good friends of ours and just when I think things will start to settle down, something else happens. Everything has shifted from “orange man bad” to banning “coordinated inauthentic behavior.” Well, orange man apparently still bad, […]

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Well That Didn’t Take Long …

The 117th Congress wasn’t even seated for a full week when a slew of anti-gun bills were announced for pre-filing. If this is a sign of what’s to come then it is going to be a bumpy ride, to say the least. There are a few that bother me than others, but of course […]

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sig pistol with arm brace

Pistol Brace Comment Period is On

The ATF is currently waiting for us to comment on the pistol brace letter they recently released concerning their “objective factors for classifying weapons with ‘stabilizing braces.’” Now I want to be completely clear here: I think it’s obvious that the ATF is acting outside of their jurisdiction in an overreaching manner and we cannot […]

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