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2nd Amendment news headline on a copy of the US Constitution

The Future Is a Shaky One, For Sure

The future is shaky, for sure. What future? Well a lot of it. All of it? Maybe everything as I’m about to point out. In a strange turn of events, I think about the only thing not in major jeopardy right now is the 2A (for once). This article is indirectly related to firearms in […]

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The media should be able to provide accurate facts about what they are reporting on.

Gun News From Around This Crazy Country

We live in crazy times, fur sure. Tensions across the entire United States seem to be higher than they’ve ever been in recent times. During this time, seemingly even loing at someone the wrong way can get you into some trouble, especially in this YouTube generation. The way things are headed, extreme care must be […]

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Washington DC Sues Polymer 80

Those dreaded “ghost guns” are back in the news again as the Attorney General from Washington DC sues 80% gun maker Polymer 80. Attorney General Karl Racine brought a lawsuit to Polymer 80 saying that they’ve been selling illegal guns in the district, and that those guns were used to commit crimes hundreds of different […]

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