Guns Stolen From Vehicles Used in Crimes

Some Brits across the ocean who write for a publication called The Guardian (not super 2a) estimated up to 600,000 guns are stolen in the U.S. each year. Is this accurate? It’s hard to know exactly, but for sure, criminals steal a lot of guns from vehicles. A Nashville, TN news channel has reported that…

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When a Loved One is Against Concealed Carry

Close family or spousal relationships can be challenging to navigate at times. Recently I spe with a young man who had just turned 21 and was getting into concealed carry. He told me that his parents were adamantly against him carrying a handgun. The young man didn’t live with his parents but respected their opinions…

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Breaking : NC Gov Veto Spoils Pistol Purchase Permit Bill

gov veto

Yesterday North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed House Bill 398. Even though the bill passed along party s with a 27-20 vote, most expected Cooper’s veto. Unfortunately, gun owners in the state will still need to get a state-issued permit before purchasing a firearm. Current North Carolina Law: Currently, North Carolina law says the state…

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