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Remington’s High Bidders Announced

The bids for what is left of Remington have been announced and released for us to see. The highest bidders “winning” certain assets are interesting to say the least. We reported a couple of weeks ago that JJE, the parent company of Palmetto State Armory placed a bid to acquire Remington’s ammunition brand during Remington’s […]

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Remington Receives Bid for Ammo Line

The parent company for Palmetto State Armory, JJE Capital Holdings, has placed a bid to buy Remington’s Ammunition . The bid, if finalized, will cost the South Carolina Company 65 million dollars plus any liabilities. This bid comes during one of the biggest ammunition shortages the gun industry has experienced in recent times, and is […]

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Episode 367: Gun Companies Will Be Put Out of Business

Today Riley and Matthew cover the latest stories from around the USA about firearms and concealed carry related legislation, laws, gun control, etc. Today we’ll be talking about how gun companies may be at significant risk of being put out of business by lawsuits by victims and their families from crimes committed with those companies’ […]

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The Way Forward For Remington

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Remington Arms getting sued by families of the Sandy Ho Victims. In fact, I’ve written at length about it just this year in this article. In that article I discuss the lengths to which a company will go in its marketing to sell a […]

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