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Episode 211: The Way Forward on Guns – Solutions For Both Sides?

Topic: The Way Forward on Guns – Solutions For Both Sides?

Today Riley and Matthew bring to you your weekly dose of gun-related news and analysis. Today's episode is a tough one as there are SO MANY things we could talk about, but not enough time! We will be covering the March For Our Lives and the fact that the other side of the debate is very open now about their intent which is to ABOLISH THE SECOND AMENDMENT! There are no games being played here. They mean business. 

And along with several great JUSTIFIED SAVES to talk about, we will spend some time breaking down an interesting article/website written by Kareem Shaya called “The Path Forward on Guns” that may be some of the most well-thought out solutions that both gun-control activists and gun-rights supporters can get on board with.

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