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The Way Forward For Remington

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Remington Arms getting sued by families of the Sandy Ho Victims. In fact, I’ve written at length about it just this year in this article. In that article I discuss the lengths to which a company will go in its marketing to sell a […]

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If Remington Can Get Sued, So Can McDonald’s

I now have every intention of suing McDonald’s, Burger King, and my spoon manufacturer for marketing me into obesity. How dare their marketing professionals make their food lo so appealing and icious that I might want to actually eat it. Seriously, I’m getting McDonald’s for lunch today, and their commercials with near-perfect loing food is […]

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Episode 199: Neighbor Shoots Getaway Car to Stop Burglary Suspects

Today Riley and Matthew the latest news from across the industry including some big news from a major gun manufacturer that is going bankrupt and will require a major debt restructuring to stay afloat. Plus a gun control activist group in South Africa puts out a poll meant to support their anti-gun view, but […]

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