Using a Bathroom With a Concealed Carry Handgun

For most of us the firearm sits concealed on our torso, near the waist. This creates a number of challenges when one walks into a bathroom stall and drops the pants. In this article we will explore the ins and outs of how to deal with this situation safely and tactically.

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Guide for Concealed Carry in a Shirt and Tie

If you work in the business world under the obligation or expectation that every day you will come to work wearing a nice shirt and tie then this article is for you. I have had past students tell me that they can’t carry a concealed weapon every day because they have to wear a tuck-in shirt. This should not be a barrier to carrying your gun

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My Holster Has a Gap Around the Trigger Guard, is it Safe?

light bearing holster gap

I recommend hard-sided holsters molded for the gun that covers and protects the entire trigger guard. I prefer these qualities because I want to eliminate the possibility that anything enters the trigger guard and unintentionally activates the trigger. But not every holster is created equally. And even some hard-sided, gun-specific holsters may leave the trigger…

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