3 Reasons to Buy a Second Holster For the Same Gun

Finding a holster that works is tough and can be quite expensive. However, once you find the holster that checks all the boxes, there are a few reasons to have a second holster for your every day carry (EDC) gun.

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Holster Selection Help —

Holsters aren't cheap and I'm not recommending anyone go out and buy two of the first holster they see. What I mean is that if you've found a holster that is properly designed, conceals the gun well and is comfortable, consider getting a second one, even if they are the same.

First off, if you're still searching for that perfect holster, here is a brief list of features you should look for when shopping.

  • Hard-sided/does not collapse when the gun is removed
  • Formed well to the gun/completely covers the trigger guard
  • Good hardware and proper clips/soft loops
  • Allows for a full grip when attached to the belt
  • Ample adjustments for all 3 axes

Follow this link if you want some information on holster selection and understand why I've listed the criteria above. You can also search our website for all the holster selection articles and reviews we've published over the years.

An alternative to reading a bunch of articles is to get access to our Holsters, Concealment and Carry Positions online course.

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1. Different Clothing —

If you wear dress clothes to work, but lounge around in cargo shorts and a t-shirt most other times, you might consider a second holster. You can set one up with tuckable clips, or better yet, mount it to the Phlster Enigma. Then set up the other one with DCC clips, which I think happen to be the best metal holster clip.

By optimizing your holster for a certain type of clothing you regularly wear, you won't have to keep swapping clips or compromise on comfort or concealment.

ksg armory holster enigma compatable

2. Dry Fire —

Consider using a holster of one color for dry fire practice, and another for EDC or the range. Sometimes unintended discharges during dry fire practice happen because at some point during dry fire, the person thought they were finished and reload the gun. However, they never leave their dry fire area. Then, not realizing they reloaded, continue their dry fire practice. Setting aside a location and gear specifically for dry fire are a couple of strategies for safe dry fire.

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3. Alternative Carry position —

Maybe you primarily carry in the inside the waistband appendix position (AIWB). Other times you wear a sport coat, and prefer to carry traditional IWB in the 3 o'clock position. Similar to optimizing a holster to the type of clothing, you'll have to change the holster's setup to get the greatest benefits.

With a holster like the Lexington from KSG armory, you can add a wedge and mod-wing to your appendix carry setup, and set up your traditional IWB without the wing or wedge, and adjust it for a forward cant. This is ideal if you're regularly swapping carry positions.

ksg armory lexington holster attributes chart

Finally —

I'm sure many of you already have more than one of the same holster for your gun. What reasons for owning a second holster didn't I mention? Let me know and leave a comment.

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