VIDEO—Is The Flashbang Bra Holster Good? This Review Answers Your Questions

Annette Evans, a well-respected firearm and self-defense trainer, gives her opinion on the Flashbang Holster. She has a knack for analyzing topics that are unique to women who carry guns. She looks at these subjects in a way that men simply can't. Also, she isn't afraid to challenge preconceived notions or state her opinion, even if it isn't the accepted position on the matter.

using the flashbang bra holster

We have a good working relationship with Annette and respect her opinion on a wide range of topics. For example, she pressure tested purse carry options and did a fantastic job of explaining the pros, cons, dos and don'ts of carrying your everyday carry (EDC) gun in that manner. If you haven't read that post, or watched the video, consider checking it out after you read about the Flashbang Bra Holster.

I am including Annette's full video review of the holster designed to attach to a woman's bra below on this page. As already mentioned, her review is complete and more thorough than any I've seen. Before you watch it however, consider some of the back story on this product…

Why is the Flashbang Bra Holster is controversial —

The Flashbang Bra Holster is not new, it's been available for many years. But the product never earned many endorsements. There are several reasons for this, some of which probably had less to do with the usability of the product, and more about the unique carry method, and that it is only for women and men make up a larger percentage of firearm trainers.

The product also requires a draw and holster orientation and method that is not traditional. Sometimes non-traditional gets categorized as unsafe. And while this can certainly be the case, without vigorous testing and evaluation, it isn't always an accurate assessment. Drawing and holstering with the Flashbang Bra Holster presents some of the same safety challenges that come with a shoulder holster. So many instructors banned students from using the product in their classes, resulting in even less viable usage data.

But is all the scorn around the Flashbang Bra Holster justified? Make sure to watch the video at the end of this post, because Annette answers this question and probably any other one may have.

Annette Pressure Tests the Flashbang Holster —

training weapons retention with flashbang holster

A thorough review involves using the product. That may seem obvious, but it isn't part of all reviews. Moreso, the evaluator should use the product how someone would use it in real life. And it's even better if the evaluator can push the testing to encompass even the most extreme situations one might face while using the product.

Annette checked all these boxes when she looked at the viability of using the Flashbang Bra Holster.

Annette didn't test the product during some staged range theatrics. She went to the leader in extreme close-quarters combatives and weapon retention training, Craig Douglas of Shivworks. Annette used the Flashbang Bra Holster in Craig's Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (ECQC) Course. What is ECQC and why is it important in testing the product? Part of the course involves grappling with other students and the students must maintain retention of their firearm and successfully “win” the fight. In other words, the Flashbang Bra Holster would be subject to real-world conditions expected in a violent confrontation.

Here is the course description from the Shivworks website:

The ShivWorks Extreme Close Quarter Concepts (ECQC) course is a two-and-a-half-day (20-hour) block of instruction that offers a multi-disciplinary approach to building functional, combative handgun skills at zero to five feet. The course is designed to instill core concepts of seamless integration and provide the platform for aggressive problem solving during a life or death struggle at arm’s length or closer. We emphasize the common body mechanics that apply across different skill sets. That way, all combative software is reinforcing. Once students’ skill sets are ingrained, they will be stress inoculated with force-on-force drills using marking cartridges and protective equipment.

flashbang holster review

Is the Flashbang Holster Safe —

I won't spoil the video by telling you what happens when Annette uses the product during the training.

However, I can say this: Annette's review and conclusions are spot on. The results may change how you perceive the viability of using a Flashbang Bra Holster.

And as promised, here is Annette's review.

Click here to see if the Flashband Holster is available for your gun

Did Annette's review change your mind or help you in your decision about using a Flashbang Bra Holster? Please consider leaving your comment below.

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  1. Joe Legault on May 3, 2022 at 4:40 pm

    Although I am not a woman, I watched this video, and Annette is a great presenter. Look forward to maybe seeing her in some more videos. I also wear slick t-shirts so that my hand does slide easily to get to my firearm

  2. Susan S. on May 4, 2022 at 9:34 pm

    Annette did a great job in her review of the Flashbang. I have been a Flashbang user since 2014, and its always performed very well. I am grateful to have watched her use it in the close quarter realm. I have not been fortunate enough to practice it in that manner….yet. I do have to say that I have found a “stronger” bra to be important although watching her use a sports bra, I will need to revisit that option. A quick note on comfortability… The kydex against your skin can get to be a little much, but you can add a small patch of moleskin and you’re good to go.

  3. Art Cassot on October 12, 2023 at 2:34 pm

    An excellent review and presentation. If I wore a bra I would try one. Now I can recommend them to ladies I know who carry or are thinking of carrying

  4. Cherry B. on April 18, 2024 at 11:10 am

    I’m just looking for a holster that won’t print and allows me to hopefully deter an attacker before it gets physical. It seems completely unrealistic that I will be able to defend myself if I end up on the ground wrestling an attacker, no matter which holster I have, and I believe a lot of women feel the same.
    Nevertheless, I’m very grateful that Anette made this video because she’s talking about something I haven’t heard from others who recommend this holster: How to safely draw the gun and put it back.

    Question: Why is it important to point the elbow of your arm (the one not gripping the gun) upwards?

    • Jacob Paulsen on April 18, 2024 at 11:16 am

      For safety. To ensure the gun doesn’t muzzle your arm.

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