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One thing every concealed carrier can relate with is how difficult it is to find a holster that conceals the firearm well and is also comfortable enough to wear every day. We've published a lot of content on the topic over the years. But it seems no matter how often we talk about it, there is always another way we can convey important information.

Holster Selection Made Easy—

For that reason, we put together a few videos to help you choose a holster that you will use and not end up throwing in a box. The group of videos is free, and includes an excerpt from our brand new online course called Holsters Concealment and Carry Positions. The in-depth course is over 5 hours in length and includes information that will save you from wasting time and money on holsters that have design flaws.

However, even without the full course, you can learn a lot from the free videos we are offering this week. The content ranges from basic to more in-depth analysis of holsters and how to pick the right one. The videos are:

Major Holster Failures:

In the first video, Riley describes some issues that he calls “Major Holster Failures.” These failures are easily overlooked, but create major issues in the long run. Holsters with these problems leave you with blisters, cause grip issues and don't conceal the gun well.

The Three Axes of Concealment:

In the second video, Riley talks about the “Three Axes of Concealment.” In the video, Riley discusses the physics of how to conceal a gun. Most holsters provide adjustment in only one or two of the three axes. By understanding how these forces affect comfort and concealment, you'll understand the importance of a holster that provides adjustment of all three axes.

Holster Evolution:

In “Holster Evolution, ” Riley opens up and walks us through the highs and lows of his holster selection journey. Riley's series of less-than-awesome holster choices mirror so many concealed carries experiences with holster selection. Again, education is the difference between wasting lots of money on useless holsters, and buying a holster that works.

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As I mentioned, we've discussed the many aspects of holster selection many times. In this episode of the Concealed Carry Podcast, Riley and Jacob talk about the “4 Rules For Holsters.”

4 rules for holsters

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