Reviewing the New Maven OWB Holster from JM4 Tactical

JM4 Tactical, a company known for their magnetic clip gun holsters made from high-quality leather, just released a new outside the waistband holster line called Maven.

JM4 Tactical Maven Series Holsters—

I know the guys at JM4 Tactical pretty well, and anytime they come out with a new product, they send one over to me for some honest feedback and review. So a couple of months ago, I received a Maven outside the waistband (OWB) holster for my Glock 19.

Now, like a few other lines of JM4 Tactical holsters, the Maven is not gun specific, rather, there are several size categories that fit similarly sized guns. Besides selecting the size, you can select dark brown, or black leather color. If you use a weapon mounted light (WML) don't worry. By using the sizing chart on the JM4 Tactical site, you'll be able to select the size holster to work with your WML.

Glock 19 and leather holster

As mentioned before, JM4 Tactical became recognizable for its innovative magnetic holster clip. The Maven is one of JM4 Tactical's non-magnetic holster lines. The other line of non-magnetic holsters is the unique RELIC series, which combines leather and Bolteron to achieve the best of both worlds.

Features and Materials—

The Maven holster has a screw that you may adjust to dial in your preferred retention. This definition takes some time, especially considering with a leather holster there is a break-in period where the leather forms to the shape of the gun.

The type of leather used in the holster is a huge consideration in a holster purchase. The leather and craftsmanship of the Maven is what I come to expect from JM4 Tactical. That is to say, the Hermann Oak Grade A leather seems to be of a good quality. Chad the owner tells me they source all their leather in the United States as opposed to some other companies which get lower grade leather from oversea dealers.

leather OWB holster

The stitching looks good, and again JM4 Tactical products are all hand assembled in the United States, which is very important to a lot of buyers.

Maven Holster Design—

I appreciate the holster will accommodate a slide mounted optic. It's taken some time for holster manufacturers to design their gear to work with a red dot sight, with no modifications or special instructions. Now the demand is definitely there, and it's good to see JM4 Tactical and other companies thinking about those with red dot sights and taller front sights.

Again, the Maven series of holsters are OWB, and thus have a slight forward cant to facilitate a more natural draw stroke. There is no holster clip, the belt goes through a loop on the holster. The loop is part of the same leather that makes up the holster, just folded over.

JM4 Tactical Maven holster

Something that JM4 Tactical does well is manufacture quality holsters at different price points. The Maven series of holsters cost around $70 as opposed to the upper 90s for the RELIC series. As quality leather holsters go, that's a good deal.

The Maven might not be what you're looking for, but JM4 Tactical has many holster lines that might fit exactly what you need. They also have mag holders, wallets, belts and their own line of coffee!

Find out more about JM4 Tactical and the Maven Holster by clicking here.

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