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Telecommuting: Looking to the Future of the Firearm Industry

Recently, we here at USA Firearm Training took a look at some changes to training that the NRA was bringing about. Namely that they were moving to online training for some of their courses. You can take a look at that article that we posted RIGHT HERE: Online NRA Training

But the NRA is not the only set of training courses that is moving to telecommuting. The general consensus of businesses right now is to move to an online based formula, for both customer ease, as well as quality control. The gun industry has not been at the forefront of this movement, however.

Until these recent changes regarding online training courses, the only online presence that the gun industry had was selling products and blogging. Now, while these are more than enough for many people who never even expected to have that level of customer service at their fingertips, we are living in an era when a person could potentially live their entire life without leaving their house, and still be a productive member of society. Grocery stores and restaurants offer food delivered to your home, telecommuting in the workforce is growing immensely, and pretty much anything you want to buy to make your house a home can be found on Amazon.

Why the Wait?

So why is it taking the gun industry so long to catch up to this? Simply put, it is highly regulated. Selling of guns online is difficult since many online marketing outlets will not allow advertisements of guns due to liability or political views. Gun training usually involves going to a firing range and using live rounds that would cause some real damage if you were doing your course in your kitchen. Gun training also involves being issued legally binding paperwork, which many are afraid to do online, because they feel it cheapens it or makes it less legitimate.

Simply put, these regulations, and the words from those who are anti-gun, have unfortunately seeped into the minds of the gun industry itself. This is not true for every site and every organization, of course, but the fact of the matter is that it has taken the gun industry a very long time to get involved online because of the fear of these ramifications.


Let's take a look at each of the steps that I had mentioned that were deterring the industry from having an online presence.

The first unfortunately, involves the law of the land in many places. It is not impossible these days to buy a gun online, but for many, buying at a local retailer is still easier than buying online. However, for those who wish to buy online they may still choose that route with only a few municipalities in this country who have laws prohibiting online sales. Today buying a firearm online still generally involves having the firearm shipped to a local dealer where a background check is performed. However, gun classifieds and other popular websites allow that private parties can sell and buy guns online but this door may be closing fast though, due to the Manchin-Toomey bill which is trying again and again to make every online purchase of a firearm come with a full background check. It is the way that the government is looking to take a closer look at who is buying firearms online in addition to setting up a potential firearm registration program.

The second issue was that of training and the process there in. Most training will be involving firing a gun because that is what you are training to do. But advancements in technology have brought about ways to train effectively at home. With the SIRT Laser Pistol and its LASR shot recording software it is easy to train at home with the weight and feel of a real handgun and not have to worry about turning walls into Swiss cheese.

Finally, the issue of the pieces of paper. This one is not touched on by a lot of people, but there is obviously the NRA courses that they offer on their site, and for those who carry concealed, USA Firearm Training offers our own online training course which will, upon completion, allow you to legally carry concealed in 29 states.

Looking to the Future

So looking ahead, the future is bright. Now that the gun industry has caught up with other successful industries in issuing an online presence, it is up to the ingenuity of those in the field to bring about the ease and comfort to consumers and gun enthusiasts like any other industry. That is and will always be our goal here at USA Firearm Training.

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