LASR: Laser Activated Shot Reporter



This is the top software program to facilitate laser simulated training with tools like the SIRT. Download and activate the software program on your computer, outline your targets with the webcam, and let the software put you through training drills.

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Going to The Range Is Expensive and Inconvenient

And Worse Off It Leaves the Shooter With HUGE Training Gaps

Dear Shooter,

As the President of the largest online and in-person firearm training company in America I understand all to well how much each of us needs to train in order to build the muscle memory necessary to actually effectively counter threats of deadly force. There is no substitute for live fire training but none of us get to the range as often as we really should and frankly live-fire training by itself falls short of providing a gun owner with all the tools needed to act in self-defense.

Today you are going to learn about one of the most effective and powerful firearm training tools available called the Laser Activated Shot Reporter (LASR). Don't forget to watch the videos above and please consider placing your order today!

Jacob S. Paulsen
President |

What are the major problems with relying on range training only?

Range TrainingCost: Ammunition is expensive and sometimes hard to find. Add to that the range fees, targets, gear, and your transportation and going to the range just isn't something most of us can do every week.

Full Range of Motion: Pulling the trigger is one thing but professionals know you also need to train drawing the firearm from your concealed holster, readying the firearm, getting into a stance and grip, dealing with reloads and malfunctions, and re-holstering the gun. Not only do most ranges have rules against this but it can also be very dangerous to train these things with a fully loaded firearm.

Stationary: Real life never holds still but at the ra,nge you are probably only allowed to stand still and fire at a stationary target. This doesn't prepare you for a world where targets move and you need to move also.

Single Target: Indoor ranges particularly have rules against you setting up multiple targets but in real l,ife you can't bet your life on there only being a single assailant.

gun training softwareLASR changes all of that. LASR is a simple software program that you buy online and download to your laptop. Then, using any webcam you just point the camera at your targets and run your drills.

Here are some of the major features of the Software:

  • Use ANY webcam
  • Use ANY P.C. Computer or Laptop
  • Use ANY target (paper is fine)
  • Use ANY Laser Simulation Gun

How Does This Change The Firearm Training World?

You can train far more often: No expense each time you use it and you don't have to leave the house.

You can train without fear of a discharge: 100% safe

You can train in your home, the single most likely place where you may need to use deadly force

You can train your draw from concealed and work on full range of motion without concern for safety

You can train with movement, moving around corners, up and down stairs, and moving for cover and concealment

You can train with multiple targets and angles

You can train with barriers, cover, and concealment setting up anything you want

You have immediate and recorded reporting and feedback

Ready to Buy?

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Features Include:

  • Easy Setup
  • Advanced Features and Feedback
  • Shot Timer modes
  • Shot Tracking on Multiple Targets



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