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Episode 143: Study Claims “Good Guy With a Gun” Is Bogus

Topic:  Study Claims “Good Guy With a Gun” Is Bogus

Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories in the concealed carry and firearms industry world including some important legal updates out of a DC Circuit Court on the issue of the right of publicly carrying a firearm. Will this ruling make it to the Supreme Court paving the way for a more definitive constitutional interpretation? We'll see. Speaking of the Supreme Court…several state attorneys general are asking the nation's high court to reverse the decision allowing law enforcement to infringe on citizens' 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable search simply because they have a firearm. Does having a firearm automatically mean a person is to be deemed “dangerous?” Finally, don't miss the incredible JUSTIFIED stories in today's episode as well as the story reporting on the study that they claim debunks the theory that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Pretty controversial stuff! Hit the ‘PLAY' button and listen in now!!

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3 Responses to Episode 143: Study Claims “Good Guy With a Gun” Is Bogus

  1. cepowers August 1, 2017 at 6:12 pm #

    Another great episode today!
    A couple thoughts:

    I fully agree that a relationship between the number of licensed concealed carriers (or may/shall issue) and the number of violent crimes, DOES NOT EXIST. For one thing, we do not exercise our 2A right to stop crime, do we? I carry for defending my life, and the lives of my loved ones and others in my immediate vicinity.

    I, too, struggle with being searched and/or disarmed by an officer of the law, solely because I am armed. Like Riley, I also offer my Concealed Handgun Permit to the officer during a traffic stop, regardless if I am in a location that requires me to inform, or not. I do it as a courtesy, and in an effort to prevent any surprises or escalation during what should otherwise be a non-eventful traffic stop. I am not dangerous. I have just demonstrated this fact by TELLING the officer that I am armed in a very clear and non-threatening manner. If I was dangerous, I surely would not give the officer a heads up. Right? I guess I don’t have a real issue with the search, except that it is unnecessary. Having said this, I have to admit that the most severe reaction I have ever received from a cop was a calm, “Where is your weapon? Thank you, leave it there, and do not put your hands near it.”.

    Jacob…. Tight pants?!? I believe you have addressed this before.

    Again, another great thought provoking episode.


  2. J R Williams August 9, 2017 at 11:54 am #

    A funny response to this. I was stopped by a motorcycle officer in Carson City one day. As the officer approached my vehicle I had both hands on the steering wheel, but advised him that I had a weapon on board. This is not a requirement in our state by the way. Anyway, his response was simply, “this is Nevada, doesn’t everybody?” BTW, he just gave me a warning regarding my traffic violation.

  3. timothyf7 August 9, 2017 at 1:09 pm #

    I think that the research that was done probably is pretty accurate. I think the one thing that no research could ever be compiled on and could be linked to the lowering of gun violence is… the threat of the unknown. If you go to Chicago, for example, an armed assailant has probably a 90-95% of attacking an unarmed citizen, It is very difficult to next to impossible to obtain and carry a firearm legally there. This is the reason that the areas that have the most stringent laws are also at the top of most gun violence. Add to that, in urban areas, where a large portion of citizens is armed illegally, there is a greater number of instances of gun violence. Everyone assumes the other person is armed also. These two situations can really never be measured. But these two reasons are directly related to the opposite what this article is trying to skew. I always ask someone that is anti-gun to give me a law that would lessen gun violence. They will give the usual replies, to which I ask them – “How would this get the guns out of criminal’s hands?” I have never been given a single answer. So the article is accurate, but like statistics can be skewed, so can the big picture. I am disabled and unable to run from a threat and I can’t physically protect myself nor my loved ones. This is the REASON that I carry. But only a fool would live somewhere that doesn’t allow its honest, hard working citizens to have the option to put doubt in an attackers mind.

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