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Are Smart Guns a Smart Idea?

It seems like the topic of smart guns is coming back into the forefront of attention for both the anti-gun media and politicians alike. But are smart guns a good idea? Or, is this a disaster waiting to happen? If you don’t know what a smart gun is, it’s something along the s of what […]

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Episode 143: Study Claims “Good Guy With a Gun” Is Bogus

Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories in the concealed carry and firearms industry world including some important legal updates out of a DC Circuit Court on the issue of the right of publicly carrying a firearm. Will this ruling make it to the Supreme Court paving the way for a definitive constitutional interpretation? […]

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Episode 63: How to Argue With Gun-Grabbers

We have a little different format for this episode that listeners should find interesting. Jacob talks about ways and means to debate and argue successfully with (and hopefully change their minds) with gun-grabbers. Riley talks about the problems with manual safeties on guns. Plus don’t miss the training tip and latest news!! Listen in now…

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