Is Permitless Carry A Threat to Public Safety?

crime surge

Currently, there are twenty-seven states in the country that have laws that allow citizens—not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm—to carry a handgun legally without a permit. While most of the states began adopting these laws in the mid 2000s, ten of the 27 states with such laws became permitless carry states in only the…

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Should You Search Your House For The Bad Guy?

complete home defense

Our homes provide us and our families with a security that we otherwise would not have. But even the best home security measures are not effective 100% of the time. There are lots of talks about which guns are best for home defense. And not diminishing the importance of those topics, how you respond is…

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I Survived a Carjacking, 8 Takeaways


As concealed carriers, we have our firearm on us; knowing the odds are good, we will never have to use it. We practice and train for an incident we pray never happens. However, because of obvious logistical issues, most concealed carriers have a huge void in their skillset. That being techniques and skills to better…

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