S6E1: JUSTIFIED SAVES – “He Pulled a Bruce Lee Move”

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster the latest JUSTIFIED SAVES (Defensive Gun Uses) including the successes and the failures. We cover some wild stories today, some of which seem almost too crazy to be true including one where a man successfully used a “Bruce Lee move” in a gun takeaway to defend himself. In another incident, a father had to shoot his own son armed with a gun and body armor. And in another story, a woman had to make a critical head shot on a hostage taker to save her boyfriends–and her family’s–lives! Tune in, you don’t want to miss this!

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Is Your Life More Valuable Than A Catalytic Converter?

gun left in the car

Catalytic converters contain palladium and rhodium. These metals fetch a pretty penny at recycling centers. For this reason, thieves cut them off vehicles and turn them in for some quick drug money. Texas made the list of top five states for most catalytic converter thefts. Increase in Catalytic Converter Thefts: To put the dramatic increase…

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COVID Concerns Kill 2021 NRA Annual Meetings

nra annual meeting

For the second year in a row, the NRA will not hold an annual meeting. Yesterday, the NRA announced they had canceled the 2021 Annual Meetings scheduled for September 3rd through 5th. NRA Annual Meeting Canceled The cancellation marked a setback from the idea that the country is “returning to normal.” Also, this year marked…

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Episode 307: JUSTIFIED SAVES – Police Impersonator Attempts Home Invasion

Today Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories from around the USA in the firearms and concealed carry communities. Today is our JUSTIFIED SAVES Edition and we’re talking about how an attack against an off-duty security guard could have really gone south, and also how another resident was almost fooled by a fake cop trying to break-in to their house! What are your thoughts? Join in and listen!

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