Memphis Man Uses Deadly Force Against Repair Man

Memphis Police Department (MPD) investigated a shooting that resulted in the death of a maintenance worker. Unfortunately, we don’t know specifics of the shooting. However, police confirmed an interesting connection between the shooter and deceased, that we should pay attention to. Self Defense Shooting Memphis, TN — According to Memphis Police, officers with the department…

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What You Don’t See Can Kill You

Shooting through clothing

** We originally published this post August 29, 2017 ** I have wanted to address this topic for quite some time. I hope the accompanying video is a visual of the ever-present danger law enforcement officers (LEOs) face during every contact. But not just LEOs, but anyone targeted by an armed criminal. What happens in…

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Nobody Needs an AR 15 Death Ray Machine Gun

ar15 doesn't have recoil

(Disclaimer, I mean to be snarky in this post. I hope you all know by now just how pro-gun I am. I believe everyone should own an AR 15 (or 100) if they want to. This disclaimer exists because people won’t read the entire article and assume I’m anti-gun.) Nobody Needs an AR 15 —…

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No Shots Fired in 9 of 10 Defensive Gun Uses (DGUs)

IWB appendix carry position

Although defensive gun uses (DGU) happen every day, they often go unnoticed. Many people are surprised to learn that in 95% of DGUs, the victim doesn’t fire a shot. Let’s discuss the implications of these numbers and what it means for the everyday carrier. How many DGUs per year — Multiple studies (18 or so…

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Tennessee Man Killed by CCWer After Robbery Prank

I’ve been seeing these videos where pranksters seemingly do all they can to get a reaction, usually on camera, of some unsuspecting person who just wanted to go about their day minding their own business. I try not to watch them personally because they’re cringe-worthy. These are usually turned into viral videos and each time…

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