Who is Attorney Andrew Branca? Does His Opinion Matter?

Attorney Andrew Branca is making waves with his daily analysis of the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial. National mainstream media news even are asking that he share his legal opinions on this volatile case. For many, Attorney Branca's name might be new. However, to us at Concealed Carry, Atty. Branca has long been known for his expertise in the areal of self-defense law.

The not-guilty verdicts on all counts against Kyle Rittenhouse may surprise some.

And truthfully, we never know what a jury will find, but Attorney Branca's daily coverage of the trial pointed to this acquittal as a rational evidence-supported outcome.

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Who is Andrew Branca?

I am not writing a biography on the man. However, it is probably appropriate to establish a little background as to why his legal opinion would matter in the least.

Atty. Branca's understanding of self-defense law comes from his 30 plus years of legal work in the state of Massachusetts. This recent interest in Atty. Branca isn't new for the national media. Over the years, outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post have referred to Branca's thoughts on legal self-defense issues.

Andrew is an occasional Guest Instructor and subject matter expert (SME) on self-defense law at the following:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Academy at Quantico
  • And the Sig Sauer Academy

Andrew has been the legal expert co-host on the Outdoor Channel's TV show The Best Defense.

Attorney, Author, Instructor:

Attorney Branca's the author of a book titled The Law of Self Defense Principles. This is the book I repeatedly refer others to as the most thorough yet easy-to-understand explanation of self-defense law.

In addition to Andrew's book, his online and DVD courses of the same name provide incredible insight and teaching, critical for concealed carriers' understanding of crucial legal self-defense law. While Branca practices law in Massachusetts, he's put together supplemental courses for each state in the country explaining the various statutes and case law pertaining specifically to that state's self-defense law.

Andrew Branca has carefully constructed an instructor program and other courses to help grasp the complexities of legal self-defense.

Our Respect for Branca's Legal Opinions:

It shouldn't be a surprise that a significant percentage of our audience are folks who carry a firearm for self-defense. We always suggest that you seek competent legal representation if you have legal questions about your state's self-defense laws and how the court has applied them in actual cases.

That said, Attorney Branca's legal opinions are sound, and he explains them with logical reasoning. That is to say, his books and instruction are instrumental and provide an invaluable foundation for an understanding of self-defense law.

hosts of the concealed carry podcast

As a site that tries to provide a wealth of instructional information to our audience, we've been a conduit for Andrew's expert legal analysis.

Andrew Branca Has appeared as a guest on our highly ranked Concealed Carry Podcast. Here are just some of the episodes:

Episode 148Discussing Stand Your Ground Law

Episode 212Self-Defense Law Q&A

Episode 330Legal Q&A with Andrew Branca and Chad Enos

Episode 440The Gray Area, When You Can Make Threats With a Gun


I hope this post helps you learn more about Attorney Branca and why experts like Massad Ayoob wrote the forward to Andrew's The Law of Self Defense book.

Whatsmore, the legal team at CCW Safe, my recommendation for the best self-defense legal defense organization, respects his opinions on self-defense law, and syndicate some of his trial coverage.

I'll close with Attorney Branca's catchphrase:

Carry A Gun So You're Hard To Kill, Know The Law So You're Hard To Convict

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  1. Gary on November 19, 2021 at 4:19 pm

    Great endorsement. I have read the book and agree with your assessment. Easy to read and helps tremendously in understanding basic self defense principals.

  2. Tim Wilson on December 3, 2021 at 9:03 am

    Yes, I would highly recommend the book.

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