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Attorney Andrew Branca is the foremost expert on self-defense law nationwide. His training content, courses, and book have provided the vocabulary and paradigm via which the firearm industry understands and discusses self-defense law for the last 2 decades.

We strongly feel that anyone serious about self-defense, and certainly anyone who carries a firearm for personal protection, has a responsibility to be informed about and undertake a serious education in self-defense law. There is no better resource than the content and tools provided below.

An Easy & Low-Cost Way To Kick Start Your Self Defense Legal Education is with Andrew's Best-Selling Book:

losd principles of self defense audiobook

Law of Self Defense Principles Audiobook

Law of self defense principles book

Law of Self Defense Principles Softcover

law of self defense edition hardcover branca

Law of Self Defense Autographed Hardcover

law of self defense principles ebook

Law of Self Defense Principles eBook

For a More In-depth Education Into Self-defense Law We Recommend Andrew's Level 1 Core Class Along With the "State Supplement" For Your State:


Law of Self Defense Level 1 Core Course


Law of Self Defense Level 1 Core Course + State Supplement


Law of Self Defense State Supplement

Additional Courses Available From Law of Self-Defense:


Law of Self Defense Insurance Explained


Law of Self Defense Defense of Property


Law of Self Defense Against Rioting, Looting, and Arson

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Law of Self Defense Instructor Program