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Maj Toure

Black Guns Matter!

Despite the current stringent gun laws in many states around the country, such as Illinois and California, they are still struggling to curb their violent crime epidemic. This has been causing numerous fights in courtrooms and legislative halls around the country, but some people are taking a different approach. People like ‘Black Guns Matter‘ founder, […]

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Will VHS Tapes Stop A Bullet?

What is one of the first things you’d likely do if ever fired upon and needed to use your weapon in self-defense? Personally speaking, getting to an area where I can get behind something that’ll offer protection of some sort is at, or as close as you can get to, the top of the list […]

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The Weakness of Women: Myth?

In a recent article about the .40 S&W that was posted on our site, we released a lot of information and asked many questions about the differences in calibers and people’s preferences. In our comment section, as usual, there was a lot of discussion about guns and about people’s personal preferences, and since we’re gun owners, […]

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