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Go Out And Buy A Gun, While You Still Can

Okay, I apologize for the click-bait headline, there. There is some truth to it, though. Right? While Barrack Obama is president no more, there are still plenty of folks who don’t want us to have our self-defense and anti-tyranny tools. We passed the one-month anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting that took place, and the […]

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search and assess

Scanning for Multiple Threats, You May be Doing it Wrong [Video]

Bad guys, especially organized and motivated ones, like those pulling off bank robberies, home invasions, kidnappings, and terrorist acts often roll in packs. So scanning and assessing the area for other threats has become a drill I teach and often see. Unfortunately, many instructors and students don’t understand the reason behind the skill; and because […]

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Phoenix Holster

Most Popular Holster Materials

There are literally tons of different types of holsters from even more manufacturers. Most of the companies who make these concealed carry holsters stick to one or two different kinds of materials, and that’s the main topic of this article. We wanted to start at the beginning to help you, the concealed gun carrier, make […]

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