Another Reason Avoidance is Best — Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Civil Suit Against Acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse

testimony ends in trial

You would be wrong if you figured Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal battle ended when a court acquitted him of murder and other charges for justifiably shooting 3 men in self defense. This is yet another example of why, if possible, avoiding conflict is always the wisest action. Rittenhouse’s Defensive Gun Use in Kenosha— So most everyone…

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S4E13: News and Gear Reviews – Springfield Armory SA-35

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster the latest industry news. We bring updates regarding the Rittenhouse case, the Alec Baldwin shooting, and discuss the errors the FBI makes with regards to background checks. We also a couple of new gun releases and provide our reviews on a couple of products! Tune in!

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Who is Attorney Andrew Branca? Does His Opinion Matter?

Attorney Andrew Branca is making waves with his daily analysis of the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial. National mainstream media news even are asking that he his legal opinions on this volatile case. For many, Attorney Branca’s name might be new. However, to us at Concealed Carry, Atty. Branca has long been known for his…

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