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JM4 Tactical QCC Holster 6-year Update

jm4 tactical holster reviews quick clip magnet

In the 6 years since I first spoke with Chad, the owner of JM4 Tactical, the Quick Click and Carry (QCC) holster has become a favorite for many concealed carriers. Its success is due to its simplistic design and the unique method used to attach it to clothing.

What Makes The QCC Different:

Six years ago, when JM4 Tactical was a relatively new holster company, holster construction was pretty straightforward. Make a holster out of Kydex or leather, and slap a clip on it. JM4 decided to try something different and produced their first holster called the Quick Click and Carry (QCC).

The QCC would:

  • be constructed from double-sided Herman Oak leather
  • forego a traditional belt clip
  • use a powerful magnet, not only to add some retention but fasten the holster to clothing

This idea caught on quickly and helped the company rise to be one of the fastest-growing holster manufacturers in a crowded market. The unique design is very identifiable with the magnetic flap that goes over the waistline.

quick click and carry holster

Image from manufacturer's website

Is the QCC a Good Concealed Carry Holster?

As mentioned, the QCC  uses super powerful rare-earth magnets to clip on the clothing. The idea is that by using a magnet instead of a clip, the user could fasten it directly to clothing.

Before the QCC, many people who didn't wear a belt opted to off-body carry or used a different method such as a belly band holster. Over the years, numerous people have left reviews talking about carrying their everyday carry (EDC) handguns while they wear scrubs, skirts, or athletic clothing.

How Does the QCC Perform?

I remember being very skeptical of the ability of the QCC's magnet to provide enough retention to keep the holster attached to clothing. However, in 2016, before speaking to Chad, I ordered two of the original QCC holsters. One holster for my wife, the other for me.

I found the magnet to be much stronger than I anticipated. This magnet wasn't the typical one you use to hold your kid's artwork on the refrigerator.

Instead, the powerful magnet was strong enough to keep the holster clipped to the clothing. Even thick clothing like jeans or sweats was not a problem for the magnet.

concealed carry holster

Since the original came out, JM4 Tactical has released other versions of the magnetic holster.

For the majority of the time I carry my handgun, I prefer a Kydex holster. However, I found this holster a terrific option when I wore sweats or athletic clothing. I also realize that my preference for Kydex may not be everyone's choice.

On the other hand, my wife prefers this over all other holsters she has tried. It has been 6 years, and this is still her go-to everyday carry holster.

Magnetic Retention:

The magnets also provide a level of retention, which keeps the gun seated inside the holster. Of course, the retention isn't the same as a duty holster with a thumb break, for example. However, it does keep the gun secured while running.

quick click and carry QCC

A unique feature of the holster I like is the ability to stick the holster to the inside of my gun safe. I've also seen some people who attach it to other objects in their home or work. If you're doing this, you have to assess the risk of whoever has access to the gun.

Top Grain Herman Oak Leather:

The QCC's material is a very nice top-grain leather. The Herman Oak leather is firm enough to form around the gun yet soft and pliable. The leather inside the holster is just as smooth as outside.  Those concerned about the finish on their gun appreciate that the gun is not rubbing against rough, unfinished leather.

jm4 tactical qcc holster

Owners of the QCC have become very creative with how they use the holster's magnetic feature.


The Quick Click and Carry holster from JM4 Tactical was the pioneer of magnet holsters. The QCC's produced in Texas, and Chad, the owner, is a fellow Marine Vet. Folks have had great success with the QCC and have commented that the customer service and return policy are excellent.

If you are looking for an alternative to the belt clip, consider checking out the QCC holster from JM4 Tactical.

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5 Responses to JM4 Tactical QCC Holster 6-year Update

  1. Marla September 27, 2016 at 10:19 am #

    I LOVE my QCC!! I am a small woman, & currently carrying an M&P 9mm. I like carrying in the SOB because a gun is usually best concealed there on my frame. I can slide this around to get it off my spine or into a 4 O’clock position, or anywhere else I want it. I love that this just drops into place when I put it on, it has Zero extra bulk, I carry in skinny jeans with a t shirt & unless you know I’m carrying-you don’t know I’m carrying… that’s the point.

  2. Jenny orr October 3, 2016 at 6:25 am #

    We would like to buy one of your magnetic holsters.

  3. Brandon May 24, 2018 at 5:46 pm #

    What size holster is in this video with the Glock 27?

    • Matthew Maruster May 25, 2018 at 8:51 am #

      According to their website, a G27 will fit the XL Short 2. If you have a laser or anything like that, I’m sure it’s a different size.

  4. Dianne February 1, 2021 at 6:15 pm #

    Wanting to save the info

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