Brand New: Sig Sauer Releases P210 Carry


Fans of the bed Sig Sauer P210 pistol can blame COVID for Sig’s ay of a new mo. However, it’s finally here and is actually available for purchase. The new mo is the P210 Carry. Director of Product Management Phil Strader calls the P210 Carry the “gentleman’s carry gun.” Here’s the scoop on the new…

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Ohio Closer Than Ever to Constitutional Carry

Ohio Constitutional Carry

In August of this year, we reported That Republican Senator Terry Johnson from Ohio’s 14th District, along with co-sponsors  Senators Hoagland, Rulli, Huffman, S., Schaffer, Blessing, McColley, Romanchuk, and Lang, introduced Senate Bill 215. SB 215 is Ohio’s chance at finally implementing constitutional carry in the state.   Did SB 215 have a chance? At…

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Permitless Carry, SB 215 Would Be Big Win for Ohio Gun Rights

Do law-abiding citizens need permission to carry a handgun? If SB 215 were to become law, Ohio would join 21 states without a concealed carry license requirement. Ohio SB 215: Republican Senator Terry Johnson from Ohio’s 14th District introduced Senate Bill 215. The bill is co-sponsored by Senators Hoagland, Rulli, Huffman, S., Schaffer, Blessing, McColley,…

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One or Two Clips on your EDC Holster?

holster clips

Deciding on an everyday carry (EDC) holster can become frustrating because of the many different features. But what about the number of clips it uses? Do you prefer a holster with one clip or two? Here are some considerations to help you decide what is best for you. Foundational Holster Truths: By remembering the primary…

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