Using a Bathroom With a Concealed Carry Handgun

For most of us the firearm sits concealed on our torso, near the waist. This creates a number of challenges when one walks into a bathroom stall and drops the pants. In this article we will explore the ins and outs of how to deal with this situation safely and tactically.

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Ohio Closer Than Ever to Constitutional Carry

Ohio Constitutional Carry

In August of this year, we reported That Republican Senator Terry Johnson from Ohio’s 14th District, along with co-sponsors  Senators Hoagland, Rulli, Huffman, S., Schaffer, Blessing, McColley, Romanchuk, and Lang, introduced Senate Bill 215. SB 215 is Ohio’s chance at finally implementing constitutional carry in the state.   Did SB 215 have a chance? At…

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Montana Permitless Carry on Campus Blocked by Judge

montana sign

House Bill 102 that the Montana Governor signed into law back in February of 2021 brought permitless carry to the state. But a District Court Judge’s ruling has put a pause on the law related to college campuses. Montana House Bill 102: As written, the law allows concealed carry on college campuses without a permit.…

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Open Carry Now In SC, Important Restrictions You Need to Know

south carolina ccw

Yesterday South Carolina’s Open Carry law went into effect. First, however, you need to know some essential restrictions in the law before heading out with your handgun. Governor Henry McMaster signed Bill 3094 into law back on May 17th. Dubbed “Open Carry With Training Act,” the law brings open carry to South Carolina, but with…

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