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Happy Birthday America Sale: HIVIZ LiteWave H3

Sights. Everyone knows you need them, and not all were created equal. Not only that but if you're like me, a fan of M&P pistols, after market sights may be a necessity.

While I love many of the features of the Smith and Wesson M&P series of pistols, I am NOT a fan of their stock sights. While they function adequately for what they are designed, they also tend to be a bit on the sharp side and have worn holes in both my shirts and skin while carrying in the appendix position.

After market sights may improve, not only your accuracy, but your comfort for concealed carry. This is where HIVIZ comes in.

One of the most popular options for after market sights, HIVIZ offers both tritium and “Litepipe” options for you to choose from.

The new LiteWave H3™ combines the two for unparalleled visibility in both day and night applications. This HIVIZ site contains ultra-bright encapsulated tritium gas “H3” which makes the sights glow brightly in the dark.

Nice to have on your home defense weapons for those bumps in the night, while the Lightpipe picks up ambient light for daytime use and a broader range of usability.

HIVIZ thoughtfully includes a 12-year guarantee on the tritium in the sights. If they loose illumination within that time, send them back and HIVIZ will replace them.

The sights are made from an all steel construction for rugged durability, and the rear sight isn't sloped to allow using it to rack your slide during one handed reloads and malfunction clearing. And of course, rounded edges for that all-important comfort factor.

Installation is relatively simple if you have the tools and are handy. But you may want to have the sights installed by a gunsmith at your favorite range to avoid any hassle.

The LiteWave H3™ are standard height sights and will fit inside any standard holster you already have for your pistol.

Color options of orange and green are available so you can customize the contrast between the rear and front sight for quicker acquisition.

If you are looking to upgrade your carry pistol, quality sights from HIVIZ are a great place to start. And it's hard to beat Jerry Miculek's stamp of approval.

Normally retailing at $135.00, you can pick these sights up for an incredible 75% off ($33.75) during the Happy Birthday America Sale. There are only 20 available though, so get one while you can.

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