CrossBreed’s Quality Hybrid Holsters

Our 12 Days of Giveaways is going strong and we've had a few winners. Will you be next? The giveaway runs from 12/9/18 – 12/20/18, and the company we're showcasing today for one of the next giveaways is CrossBreed Holsters.

CrossBreed Holsters was started in 2005 in the same way it seems all holster companies are. When Mark Craighead, an avid shooter, had collected a “box” of holsters that didn’t work for him, he decided to start his own company providing quality holsters at reasonable price points.

Sadly, on August 24th, 2012, at the age of 43, Mark Craighead passed away, but his legacy of quality lives on through his company. Before he passed, Mark had this to say,

Touching other people’s lives in a positive way and making a difference, because that, no matter where you are at in life, is really more important than business success, finances, any of it! I don’t care what your financial level is. When you learn to bless other people, you truly get blessed yourself.

When asked about the name of “CrossBreed” their website had this to say,

“Mark was often asked about the name CrossBreed Holsters. He was not ashamed to answer that, although there is some reference to the hybrid holster designs he created, the larger meaning behind his company’s name references the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross that was made for all mankind.”

CrossBreed Holsters are popular among the Concealed Carry Community for the hybrid construction of their holsters.

Combining the durability and functionality of Kydex, and coupling it with the comfort of leather for that perfect ride for your CCW pistol.

Options for colors are, of course, varied and plentiful with available colors of Black, FDE, OD Green, and Sniper Gray.

CrossBreed offers options for the most popular pistols on the market today, with plans to expand into some of the lesser used pistols for CCW.

In addition to holsters, CrossBreed also offers gun belts with a wide range of customization options including, of course, color, buckle type, but also the color of thread to get the look perfect for you.

The Executive Gun Belt is CrossBreed’s bestselling belt due to the quality of materials sourced by the company, ensuring a well-made belt that looks good enough on both the gun range and the board room.

Often overlooked with new CCW Carriers, a quality belt is just as important for comfortable concealed carry as the holster itself is.

A quality gun belt ensures low visibility (no one expects you to be carrying a gun based on the belt you are wearing), and solid construction with quality material to support your pistol.

This limits printing (the gun showing through your clothes), and keeps the gun properly positioned for a smooth, efficient draw.

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    How are you guys letting people know who won? The email you request?

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      First we send an email and then if we don’t get a response we call the number provided.

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        Thank you for your reply.

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