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S7E7 Holsters

S7E7: What Makes a GREAT Holster?

Today, Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen talk about the journey we’re recently made into the holster making business with the acquisition of KSG Armory. We discuss what goes into the making of a holster, and what design attributes and features separate the good holsters from the GREAT ones.

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p365 crossbreed holster

CrossBreed Holsters ‘Rogue System’ Holster Review

The Rogue System Holster from CrossBreed is a versatile inside the waistband holster. I’ve been using this holster system with my Sig Sauer P365, and in this review, I’ll explain what I like and dislike about the holster. CrossBreed Holsters, the Company — CrossBreed Holster’s sells leather and Kydex holsters for a variety of firearm […]

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phlster kydex holster

Attributes of a Safe Holster

We are big supporters of concealed carriers buying quality holsters. There is something that frustrates me big time, though. If you spend any amount of time researching the gun you’re going to carry, and then time researching the kind of ammo you’re going to put in it, only to buy the biggest turd of […]

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