US Law Shield Expands Coverage To Include Negligent Discharges

negligent discharge

You are likely familiar with the folks over at Texas and U.S. Law Shield, a legal defense program for gun owners. They are devoted to helping any of their members who end up in court or have otherwise needed firearms-related legal assistance whether they use their gun in self-defense or not.

Recently Texas and U.S. Law Shield sent out a press release and email to its followers announcing a new and interesting addition to their service, which up until now has handled firearms theft, as well as criminal and civil defense in case court dates were necessary for defensive gun use.

In their announcement on June 1, Law Shield stated that they are planning to start covering “accidental” or “unintended” discharges as a part of their overall insurance coverage package. Those with existing coverage through Texas and U.S. Law Shield simply receive this coverage starting at the time of announcement and future folks to buy-in will receive the coverage as part of the packaging. Or as the announcement from Law Shield President Kirk Evans states …

Today, I am proud to announce that the biggest and best firearms legal defense program in the country just got better. At no additional cost to you, your membership now protects you in the event of an accidental or unintended discharge. This exclusive, extended coverage is now a part of your core membership.

This move is certainly a different step for gun owners as none of the other major firearms legal funds have this as a part of their overall package. Texas and U.S. Law Shield shows this on a chart on their own announcement blog page.

And while it is good to be better covered in the event of unforeseen disaster, we need to remember that even if there is an incident that would follow a discharge that would end in a civil suit, criminal suit, or even just damage to your own property, this coverage is not a free pass to begin ignoring proper safety and storage.

We recently published an article regarding 300 negligent discharges and the most major piece of info that we were struck with in compiling the information was that these negligent or accidental or unintended discharges often ended in a result that no insurance can recover for you, the grief of hurting someone close to you, or the grief caused to others by hurting yourself.

So while this service may be a nice addition to Texas and U.S. Law Shield’s coverage, and a clear attempt at setting themselves apart from the rest of the pack, remember that it won’t replace safety. Firearms safety is of the utmost importance whenever you handle a firearm. Always be sure to follow the basic firearms safety rules, to ensure you'd never need this coverage.

For more information on U.S. Law Shield, and to see if they've got a program in your state, make sure you visit their page.

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