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Talon Grips New Pro-Series, Perfect For Your Everyday Carry Gun

Talon Grips Pro Series is the perfect combination of their granular (sandpaper) texture and the rubber texture.

Being able to shoot fast, accurate shots has application in both self-defense and competitive shooting. Your ability to quickly place follow-up shots where you want is influenced greatly in your ability to control the gun during the shooting cycle. For years shooters have known this, and so a host of products are available to help make the gun ‘grippier'.

Aggressively textured grip panels, rubber sleeves, tacky sprays, and skateboard grip-tape are all non-permanent methods of aiding in producing more friction between the grip and gun. The grip surface on polymer guns can be permanently sculpted into a rougher texture by using a laser, or heated tool that melts the polymer.

Each one of these methods has benefits and drawbacks, especially when you're using it on an everyday carry (EDC) gun. Textures that are too aggressive are not skin or clothing-friendly. And you may not want a permanent transformation to your gun.

Begining in 2009, Talon Grips started producing a non-permanent, textured, stick-on grip that is shaped specifically for your gun's model. The adhesive is strong enough to keep the product in place for years, without marring the finish of the gun if it needs to be removed. There are a few companies that make similar products, but I am not aware of any company that covers a wider range of gun manufacturers and models than Talon Grips.

Furthermore, after meeting and dealing with several people at the company, I can tell you that the organization is filled with genuinely terrific people. I have not heard from one person who has told me about a negative experience with the company or its products.

pro grip

Some have griped about the multi-color look of the Pro Series grips. It isn't my favorite thing about the grips, but the benefits provided far outweigh any cosmetic concern for me.

Until recently, Talon grips had two variations of their grips.

For maximum ‘gription' a granulated, sandpaper surface was your choice. This aggressive application was great, but it was a bit abrasive for inside the waistband (IWB), everyday carry.

Many IWB carriers opted for the grip that had a ‘rubber-like' feel. This provided less friction than the granulated but more friction than your typical, standard grip texture. I liked the feel of the rubber but really preferred the aggressiveness of the granulated material. If you're interested in seeing just how much extra friction Talon Grips' products provide, check out this article where I quantify the benefits of Talon Grips.

I heard Talon Grips would be releasing a new product this year at SHOT Show. So I made my way over to their booth so I could get my hands on their new release. Their new grip was a perfect combination of their granulated and rubber grips rolled into one product, called the Pro-Series.

After looking at the grips closely, it became clear that the Pro-Series was more than just a combination of the other two materials. The guys explained that much testing went into the material to ensure it would do two things.

  1. Provide a rough, granulated texture for control that would not be too aggressive for IWB carry.
  2. Make the material durable and long-lasting.
talon grip

You will find the texture perfect for everyday IWB carry.

After I put the Pro-Series grip in my hands, it was a no-brainer. I knew that when they became available I'd be putting them on my guns. In May, I reached out to Adam and he sent me a couple of the Pro Grips to evaluate.

One immediately was installed on my Glock 19, as you can see in the photo. The other is waiting to go on my Archon Type B. I mention the fact that they sent over a grip for the Archon Type B to emphasize again, that you can get the product for a staggering number of different firearms.

It isn't hyperbole for me to explain the Pro-Series texture as incredibly perfect. I carry appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) and don't find it rough against my skin. The benefits of having an aggressive grip texture while shooting can't be overstated.

If you have used granulated grip products but found them a little too aggressive for concealed carry, but wanted more texture than the rubbery alternatives, I think you will find this to be perfect.

If you shoot a lot, even your granulated materials will eventually start to get smoother from wear. The company says the product can be expected to last anywhere between one and three years depending on use. I have Talon Grips on several of my firearms and find this to be accurate.

If you don't shoot much it will last much longer, but quite honestly once you put this on your gun you're going to want to get to the range. I have never been disappointed in Talon Grips' other products, so I have confidence that this will be a solid, durable performer.

talon pro grip

Talon Grips makes a product for so many different guns that you're likely going to be able to get the Pro Series for your gun.

The Pro Series won't replace the granulated or rubber grips and it's not meant to. The Pro Series remains the same price as the other options at $24.99 with free, same day shipping. While there are color options for the rubber and granulated grips, currently the Pro Series only comes in one color; a multicolor blend that appears dark-gray.

The Pro Series grip is the logical choice for anyone who wants a more aggressive grip texture for their EDC. You can find the new Pro Grip by going to their website, choosing your gun, and finding the “grip texture” drop down menu.

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2 Responses to Talon Grips New Pro-Series, Perfect For Your Everyday Carry Gun

  1. Ed Driggers July 17, 2020 at 6:20 am #

    Just got these grips for my competition gun and love them. I’ll order for all my guns soon

  2. Miguelito July 23, 2020 at 2:11 pm #

    Yep, the Pro Series grips are a perfect “sweet spot” between the rubber and the sandpaper grips. Helps arrest serious recoil better than the rubber grips, while being much easier on the skin when carried IWB all day.

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