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Brute Force Attack on

As many of you know, our website, was down for the greater parts of January 22nd and 23rd 2019. We have been under an attack. We have tracked appx 5 million attempts per hour over the last 24 hours to access the same file/page on our site. This naturally overloads the server and causes […]

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I was Carjacked, Here’s What I Learned

As concealed carriers we have our firearm on us, knowing the odds are we will never have to use it. We practice and train for an incident we pray never happens. But because of obvious logistical issues, the vast majority of concealed carriers have a huge void in their skillset. That being techniques and skills […]

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sig p210

SHOT Show 2018 in 30+ Pictures

SHOT Show is over. It is a whirlwind of walking, talking, making new friends, and visiting old ones. But, once it is over, doesn’t mean we stop talking about it. We understand that the chances are good that you’ve never been there before, and this time around, I figured I’d with you just a […]

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