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Brute Force Attack on

As many of you know, our website, was down for the greater parts of January 22nd and 23rd 2019.

We have been under an attack. We have tracked appx 5 million attempts per hour over the last 24 hours to access the same file/page on our site. This naturally overloads the server and causes the site to crash and time out.

As soon as we identified the problem we were able to isolate and block that traffic to the site. There are additional things we will be doing and implementing over the next few weeks to mitigate the risk of future attacks of this type and to slowly restore services and tools on our site that we disabled by necessity in the course of troubleshooting the problem.

To be as clear as possible, no data has been compromised. These attacks, while effective at making our site inaccessible, did not access, view, or download any customer or transactional data. If you have a user account on our system, have placed an order in the past, or have any other information stored on our system you can be confident that your data continues to be safe behind our advanced security protocols.

Aside from knowing that 99% of the attacks have come from U.S. based IP addresses the source is unknown at this time. We are grateful for the large number of our followers, customers, and other concerned parties that have reached out with well wishes and often with offers to help block the attacks, trace the sources, and otherwise be of assistance.

If you have additional concerns or questions please reach out to our support team via the Contact link in the above menu.


Jacob Paulsen
President |

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