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Guardian Nation Live with I.C.E. Training Company CEO Rob Pincus!


Guardian Nation and Concealed Carry Inc. are proud to bring you another monthly installment of “Guardian Nation Live” with the CEO of I.C.E. Training Company & Developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting Program, Rob Pincus!

Rob Pincus is a professional trainer, author, and consultant. He and his staff at I.C.E. Training Company provide services to military, law enforcement, private security, and students interested in self-defense. Rob is the Developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting program.

Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus with Concealed Carry Podcast Host Riley

Rob has experience as a law enforcement officer and executive protection agent and was also commissioned as an officer in the United States Army Reserve after graduating from the Military College of Vermont with a degree in Political Science. Rob serves the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office as a Training Officer and has been a staff writer for S.W.A.T. Magazine since 2001.

In Late 2007, Rob launched I.C.E. Training Company and began traveling and teaching around the country and the world. Rob is one of the busiest instructors in the industry, conducting well over 50 courses a year in over 40 locations.

In other words, Rob is definitely a guy who is going to be able to teach you a thing or two during this broadcast, available to all Guardian Nation Members this Thursday, May 11!

Rob also recently appeared as a guest on the iTunes top-ranked gun show, The Concealed Carry Podcast, with Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen, on May 8th.

The podcast is free and can be accessed and subscribed to via iTunes, Google Play, or any other podcasting service.

To hear this episode, as well as all the others in our archives, check us out here: The Concealed Carry Podcast.

To recap, Rob Pincus will appear on Guardian Nation Live, a monthly video broadcast with Q&A for its members, Thursday May 11th, 2017.

To get access to this recording you can join Guardian Nation and get access to all past recordings, including former Delta Force member Kyle Lamb, Top Shot contestant Gary Quesenberry former Top Shot contestant and LASR training pistol inventor Mike Hughes, as well as many other interviews.

To learn more about these and future episodes click here: Guardian Nation

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