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Attend The Virginia 2A Lobby Day

When Governor Ralph Northam proposed to make the average Virginian a felon for owning an “assault weapon,” citizens from all over the state flocked to town halls and flooded social media with concerns for their rights. The immense citizen support for the second amendment has been listened to by Virginian county sheriffs who have overwhelmingly […]

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America’s 2nd Civil War Has Already Begun

According to an article by Thom Hartmann titled “Will America’s Billionaires Start a Second Civil War?” an out for how an oligarchy (a government controlled by a small number of people) can overthrow a democracy: “For oligarchy to totally take down democracy, only three things are initially needed: Control of (or substantial influence over) a […]

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Firearms Case

NYC, The Supreme Court, and The Right To Bear

The first gun case to hit the desk of the Supreme Court in 10 years will hopefully change the gun rights landscape for the future. Now, with the retirement of Justice Kennedy, there are five conservative judges sitting on the high court. And, at least a couple of them seem to be itching for a […]

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The Way Forward For Remington

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Remington Arms getting sued by families of the Sandy Ho Victims. In fact, I’ve written at length about it just this year in this article. In that article I discuss the lengths to which a company will go in its marketing to sell a […]

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