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The Fight For Gun Rights is Just Getting Started

It has been a little while since I've written a post like this, so I figured there was no time like the present. What has happened in the Commonwealth of Virginia has spread to the surrounding areas like wildfire. I'm currently based out of Western North Carolina for over a year and a half and can say that we're feeling it here, too.

In fact, the counties to the north and east of my humble little Transylvania County have all passed resolutions to become Second Amendment Sanctuaries in an attempt to send a message to the lawmakers. That message? We're not willing to be steamrolled and blindsided like Virginia was.

I suspect that we're nowhere near done sending the 2A Sanctuary message to the lawmakers.

North Carolinians are rightly concerned. In fact, this Tweet is only 15 or so hours old as of this writing:

In other words, they're wasting no time going after their next target. They believe they've got the winning formula and are like rabid, foaming from the mouth dogs eager to only do one thing: Strip American rights away.

They're coming after my state next and I'll personally do everything in my very limited power to protect my state–and I know I'm not alone.

We will not lie down so easily, because … we also know their formula and have one of our own, as well.

We've seen their plans in action and we know and have seen the outcome of what they can do. But because we've seen it first hand, we can stop North Carolina from looking like our neighbors to the north.

Therefore, our path forward is very simple, not just in North Carolina, but in all states who consider their freedom a way of life. That path looks like this:

  • Send a message to the state legislators by turning every county and every city possible into a 2A Sanctuary. This will let any law makers on the fence know where the people in their county stand on the issue.
  • We need record numbers to come out and vote in the upcoming election. We need to make sure everyone we know is registered to vote, plans to vote, and even carpool to voting places if needed. Because, in NC, we're going up against the likes of Raleigh and Charlotte–with enough combined votes to carry an election the wrong way if we don't show up.
  • Finally, we need to unite like never before. We need to stop the useless bickering before we have nothing left to bicker about.

Every. Vote. Counts.

Gun-toting Red Necks from every nook and cranny need to peel their rear ends from whatever life they live and vote when it comes time. Until then, we need to ensure the areas in which we live become Second Amendment Sanctuaries to send that clear message.

We cannot afford for one of you to stay home, nor can we rely on our local governments to protect us with these mostly-symbolic, yet still important and message delivering 2A Sanctuaries.

We need to stop them in their tracks and the only way to do that correctly, is to vote any and all anti-gun turds out of office and replace them with someone pro gun.

The fight for our rights has already started, and it's not just North Carolina that's in jeopardy. I urge you to get involved in your state however you can. Go on Facebook and Twitter to find the local organization you need to get involved. This is a grass roots movement and the only way we're going to win is at the local and state level.

If you're in NC check out this page. If you're in Transylvania County, check out this page. Join, or die.

Leave your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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2 Responses to The Fight For Gun Rights is Just Getting Started

  1. Jason February 4, 2020 at 10:32 am #

    They have been pushing in NM for several years. And now there is an openly supportove governor whom I suspect had contributions from the Bloomberg/Soros folks. Right now she has red flag laws (and other gun control) on the table along with legal weed which should never have been illegal to begin with. Putting them up there at the same time pretty much proves that these folks are pitting our right to the persuit of happiness against our right to protect ourselves in the absence of our over worked police departments. Effectively trying to make us choose between our second amendment inalienable natural right and what many consider medicine…which then ties into making doctors ask even little kids if there are guns at home.

  2. J Calla February 6, 2020 at 5:51 am #

    Careful assuming a Republican vote is a vote for 2A rights. The supposed leader of the free world Trump is the one who said “take the guns 1st, due process later” and just look at Republicans leading the way in eroding 2A rights with red flag laws in Florida!

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