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A Call For Virginia To Stand Strong

We are in troubling times here, in the United States. And a recent wave of anti-gun rhetoric from big publications adds to the trouble. In a world where we hope there is fair and decent reporting, we're forced to settle for the WaPo who chooses to vomit their excrement out onto the web in the form of ill informed opinion articles meant to do one thing: Divide us further.

There are zero facts represented within, and the comment section of said article is even worse as it shows the ignorance of our fellow Americans as they beg to have a constitutional right stripped away from them in the name of “safety.”

The opening of the article is this: “Let’s talk reality and fantasy in Virginia” and lays out the reasons why the author believes gun owners live in a fantasy world.

The article then goes on to list several tragedies that happened to people from others who had guns. Incidents like a celebratory shot that fell through the glass roof of a car. Or, a madman who shot at McDonald's workers for getting his order wrong. Or, an officer getting shot after a man refused to stop after the cop turned on his lights, fleeing.

Finally, there was an incident where a woman was shot in the leg in a case that's considered to be a domestic dispute. The term “domestic dispute” is often thrown around in the anti-gun world, as guns will (supposedly) always be turned upon women in relationships where the man owns a gun.

What the author fails to mention is that the shooter in this incident was a felon who was PROHIBITED from owning a gun to begin with. How did he get the gun if he was a felon? I can guarantee you that he never passed a background check because he's a felon.

This means that he must have broken another law to get the gun he used–which is something we've been saying all along. Criminals will always be willing to break laws to get a weapon to hurt people. How do we fix this? Ooh, I know …

… Because the man was a felon who shouldn't have had a gun and clearly got the gun by illegal means, shouldn't we punish the gun owners who do go about it the right way? We should punish everyone else for the bad people, right? Isn't it their fault?

(That was sarcasm.)

As far as I can tell none of the proposed gun control legislation in Virginia would have prevented any of the cited atrocities from happening. And, as far as I can tell, all but one of those incidents were committed by less than your upstanding citizen.

The one in question is from a celebratory shot fired into the air, something that any gun owner with a brain will tell you is incredibly stupid. We've even written on the topic, here. That person is just guilty of being an idiot. Still not something WE should be punished for.

The article in question then says this:

Shattered glass, shattered bones, shattered lives. This the reality of gunfire in Virginia.

Yes, Virginia, you have a gun problem.

Most sensible people (like most of the developed world, for example) would look at innocent people being shot and see a problem.

That's clearly not the point, though. Virginia doesn't have a gun problem. They have an idiot problem. They have a criminal problem. They likely have a criminal reporting problem. (<–Like this neighboring state does. That link goes to an article I wrote a few months back that goes into the under reporting of felons who pass background checks.)

Sadly, Virginia's gun owners are being attacked from all sides. And in reading the comments section of such opinion pieces found in garbage dumps like the Washington Post, Virginians might get the idea that they're outnumbered and that it's hopeless for them. Rest assured, my friends, those comments are from people outside the realm of reality, residing in states and cities where freedom has already fallen.

They're from areas where upstanding citizens are punished like criminals for doing nothing more than living in the same state where the criminal does. They are your opponents and don't have your best interests at heart. We, however, do. Because we share a common goal: Freedom.

I really want to encourage the gun owners and people in the 2A sanctuaries to stand strong. Stand tall. Defend your rights, as you're by default also defending ours. The gun-owning, freedom-loving Americans from around the country stand with you.

Stand strong, Virginia. Never let lies and manipulation hurt your resolve.

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3 Responses to A Call For Virginia To Stand Strong

  1. Joe Adams January 7, 2020 at 3:08 pm #

    There is a “BIT” of Irony associated with that being the State Motto of Virginia. Wonder if they will be achang’n it. Hmmmm
    Sic semper tyrannis is a Latin phrase meaning “thus always to tyrants”.
    Nice write-up and thank you for your Mil Service (from a Family of Mil Vets).

  2. Joe Adams January 7, 2020 at 3:12 pm #

    p.s., I have 4 GKs in FL because my Army Reserve Sgt. (daughter) from OH met her husband to be Marine Sgt. from TN while both were Posted in Afghanistan. Cool!

  3. Matt January 7, 2020 at 3:29 pm #

    Trust me, gun owners in VA 1) don’t feel outnumbered 2) rarely if ever read the Washington Post. Except my parakeets if I find a free copy to put in the bottom of the cage.

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