S3E11: Gun Law Changes All Across America Right Now


Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss the recent Legislative News from around the US including stories about how one federal judge is opening the door for lawsuits against gun manufacturers, while another is ruling that the 21-year-old age requirement for handgun purchases is unconstitutional. Plus other great news, tune in!!

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EP500 Concealed Carry Podcast Giveaway

We went live with the Concealed Carry Podcast back on September 17, 2016. The focus of the podcast has always been the same. That is primarily to educate and stimulate discussions on topics that have to do with self-defense, firearm ownership, and concealed carry. We have done that through scheduled guests, legislative updates, defensive gun…

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Podcast Reaches 5 Million Downloads

concealed carry 5 million downloads

When we started The Concealed Carry Podcast, we hoped we could rank amongst the highest firearms-related podcats on iTunes and Google Play. This past weekend we received statistics on the Concealed Carry Podcast that we couldn’t wait to with you. Five million episodes of our flagship podcast have been downloaded by faithful listeners like…

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