Podcast Reaches 5 Million Downloads

When we started The Concealed Carry Podcast, we hoped we could rank amongst the highest firearms-related podcats on iTunes and Google Play.

This past weekend we received statistics on the Concealed Carry Podcast that we couldn't wait to share with you. Five million episodes of our flagship podcast have been downloaded by faithful listeners like yourselves. The team couldn't be happier or more humbled by these numbers.

We recorded the first episode of the Concealed Carry Podcast on February seventeenth, 2016

That episode was titled, Why Gun Owners are Facing Felonies When They Prevent Crimes. While the podcast's format has stayed relatively the same, much has changed in the world. For example here are 5 events that took place on the same day as our first Concealed Carry Podcast Episode:

  1. Apple fights a court order to unlock San Bernardino shooter's iPhone
  2. The United States and Cuba sign deal to resume commercial flights
  3. Obama predicts Trump won't win because being president is a “serious job”
  4. The United States sends stealth fighters to South Korea as tensions rise with Pyongyang
  5. Ex-United Nations chief Boutros Boutros-Ghali dies at 93

While the average podcast's life-span is only around 6 months, we have been chugging along for over 5 years!

In 5 years, we have published 488 episodes, which is staggering when you think about it. For the most part, we have stayed committed to publishing 2 episodes a week. I asked Riley to explain why he thinks the podcast has been able to last much longer than most podcasts. He said that:

I attribute the longevity of the podcast to consistently putting out episodes every week. It has required a lot of dedication to do that, but many other podcasts will go through up and down periods in terms of producing episodes. The trick is to not get burned-out, but our revolving format throughout the month keeps things interesting!

Consequently, the podcast has earned a 4.5-star rating consisting of 701 reviews. The stats place us in the top 0.5% of podcasts globally.

Riley went on to mention that:

When we first started out, I didn’t imagine we would still be doing it even after 20 episodes. I didn’t know whether we would still have people listening to it. But the numbers continued growing, so it motivated us to keep going. And here we are, 5 years later, nearly 500 episodes, over 5 million downloads. In truth, it’s thanks to our loyal listeners that we’ve made it this far!

hosts of the concealed carry podcast

One of the main reasons we are so happy about these statistics is because, from the beginning, we thought the podcast would help us fulfill the company's mission.

  • We believe that in this society everyone is safer and better prepared by obtaining as much education, training, and knowledge as possible. We believe that firearm training is a lifelong pursuit. We believe in justice for the unjust, education for the people, and security for the public.

Our goal remains the same:

That is to provide the listener a broad range of content addressing self-defense, concealed carry, ethical and legal issues facing gun owners. We have had some incredible guests who have brought interesting perspectives to various topics. Check out all the guests we have had the pleasure to talk with.

When it comes to what the podcast looks like in the future, Riley said:

I think the future is going to bring more of the same straightforward content people know us for.

While we are overjoyed to bring you this news, we will get back to the grindstone and start prepping for the next episode.

As long as listeners find the information and perspectives we discuss on the podcast valuable, we will keep pushing forward.

If you enjoy the podcast or specific episodes I would ask you to consider leaving a review on iTunes or Google Play telling us what you think? This helps us greatly. We’ve always tried to listen to our audience, so if you guys have anything you’d like to see in the future, please let us know!

I think it is also time to remind you about the weekly podcast giveaway. All you have to do is sign up each week to be in the giveaway. You don't even have to be present to win. Make sure you check out the prize each week and share it with your friends to get extra entries.

Again we want to extend a gracious thank you to all our listeners for making this podcast what it is today.

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