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Guardian Nation Live With Todd Fossey

It's that time again, my friends. The time when we host an industry expert to talk about whatever he or she has expertise in and allowing our members to ask questions in real time. This time around, the GN Live guest is Todd Fossey, chief instructor over at Funker Tactical and owner at Integrative Defense Strategies (IDS).

Todd Fossey is a pistol instructor, sure. More than that though, he's a fighter specializing in close quarters combat with martial arts expertise and seems to have an emphasis on physical training. In fact, his IDS training integrates gun training with open handed techniques often found in martial arts settings giving you a complete defense.

The people he trains are well-rounded to defend themselves from any type of attack.

The thought of “I'll just shoot the bad guy” goes out the window a lot of time, as Todd Says in the following video:

That sure gave me something to think about, being that I'm a wee bit on the obese side of things.

Todd Fossey will be our guest twice this week. Once on our famous Concealed Carry Podcast that is free for all to listen to, and once in the GN Live Broadcast that you have to be a member to join in on.

Any of our members in attendance will have the chance to ask Todd Fossey questions in real time, and this is one of the most highly anticipated benefits members look forward to each month. Of course, the quarterly gear box, training, and discounts are also sought after.

You can find the rest of the benefits, here to see if it's worth it for you to join — and sign up for a free 14 day trial, here. The 14 day trial gets you access to the GN Live Broadcast taking place tomorrow night, June 27th at 7 PM mountain time.

So if you sign up, and you should because you have absolutely zero to lose, make sure you set a reminder for yourself to join us.

On the bare minimum, make sure you subscribe to our Facebook page so you don't miss out on the notification of the Facebook live podcast that takes place before the GN Live broadcast.

And, as a reminder, the podcast is free to join for anyone. The GN Live Broadcast, on the other hand, is only open to active GN members and takes place in a more intimate setting where you can ask questions. I hope to see you there.

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