Top Menu Adds New Firearm Trainer’s Podcast is proud to announce the newest addition to our network, the Firearm Trainer's Podcast hosted by one of our own resident instructors, Rob Beckman.

Who is Rob? Here is a bit of info about who he is and what he likes to do:

Rob lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and was introduced to firearms and the outdoors a long time ago in the Boy Scouts. He writes blog articles for and his own site on self defense issues.

Certified as a Training Counselor for the NRA and USCCA and has received his Firearm Instructor Certification from International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors (IALEFI). When not working he enjoys learning about nature and camping and educating others on hunting and trapping.

His focus is on teaching responsibility in everything we do and always learning news skills throughout our lives.

This podcast, while meant primarily for firearm instructors, is also great to listen to even if you have never taught anyone how to shoot or protect themselves with a gun.

Why? Well, with guests like Dave Spaulding and Andrew Branca, you're almost guaranteed to learn something even if you've never taught a person in your life.

I just finished listening to Spaulding's episode and it was filled with gold nuggets even for someone like me who isn't an instructor. I heard things I can use and apply.

What did I learn?

I'd tell you, but then you may not listen to it yourself and that's no fun. I've listed several options for you to use for subscribing. And, it can be also be found on your favorite podcasting app.

Let us know what you think about the podcast and anything you may want to hear on it in the comments below.

Oh, and you can find the podcast and subscribe via the following links:

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