Comparing The 3 Dry Fire Gun Options

I’m going to assume you’ve read one of the many pieces of content we have on our website explaining the importance of dry fire practice. If not, you cant check those posts out later. Right now, you probably wondering,“What Dry Fire Training Gun Should I Buy?” What Dry Fire Training Gun Should I Buy? As…

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S5E2: Dry Fire – 3 Challenges and 7 Solutions

Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen talk about some of the challenges associated with dry fire practice and then propose a bunch of solutions for overcoming those. We can attribute obtaining much of our skill to regular, effective dry practice, now let’s make sure we’re doing it safely and maximizing our time doing it. Tune in!

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Own an AR-15? Check out the Blackbeard from Mantis

mantis AR15 laser tool

The Blackbeard AR-15 laser training device is relatively new to the market. However, it’s already dominating the competitive products in the space with its impressive features and performance. For those unfamiliar with how laser cartridges and laser training guns work in dryfire practice, I’ve included a link to the review of the Mantis Laser Academy.…

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