Interview with John Wallace – Founder of LASR – Laser Training Software

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with John Wallace, the founder and visionary of L.A.S.R. L.A.S.R. is a game changing desktop computer software that assists the shooter in training with laser simulated firearms. It is really amazing how far technology has brought us in the last several years.  If you are unfamiliar with L.A.S.R you need to watch the promotional video about their software at the bottom of this page.

This video recording of my interview with John is focused on telling the story of L.A.S.R. and getting to understand the upcoming and burgeoning industry of laser simulated training within the Firearm Training industry.

LASR interview with john wallace

Click on the image above to watch the interview on YouTube

If you don't have a copy of the L.A.S.R. software yet you need to order a copy. Click here to proceed to learn more about the software.

I've been very impressed with L.A.S.R. both as a product and as a company. Their website, service, and operation is both simple and effective. I'm very grateful to the time that John gave me to review his story and that of L.A.S.R.

If this is your first exposure to L.A.S.R you should also watch the below video which overviews some of the features and core ideas of the product.

Also if you prefer listen the audio recording of this interview is available here.

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