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Washington DC Sues Polymer 80

Those dreaded “ghost guns” are back in the news again as the Attorney General from Washington DC sues 80% gun maker Polymer 80. Attorney General Karl Racine brought a lawsuit to Polymer 80 saying that they’ve been selling illegal guns in the district, and that those guns were used to commit crimes hundreds of different […]

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Rhode Island Governor Signs Ghost Gun Bill Into Law

Providence, Rhode Island — The governor of Rhode Island signed a bill into law on Tuesday morning effectively banning “untraceable ghost guns” in her state as anti-gun organizations cheered. Governor Raimondo is quoted to say: Today marks a meaningful step forward in our fight to end gun violence in Rhode Island. We know that untraceable […]

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Arizona Anti Gun Bill SB 1625 Submitted

Not even Arizona, a long time stronghold for the Second Amendment and gun owners, is immune to the idiocy of the anti-gun movement. Historically, Arizona has celebrated being one of the most gun-friendly states in the country. If a certain group of anti-gun politicians from within the state get their way it won’t be for […]

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Pittsburgh Gun Laws Struck Down

Pittsburgh, PA — Back in April 2019, the Pittsburgh City Council voted to violated PA law as it approved several new gun laws. Those laws were recently struck down based on the work of many different hands. Below is a press release we were sent by the USCCA:

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