Unmasking the GOSAFE Act: A Dangerous Overreach

Unmasking the GOSAFE Act: A Dangerous Overreach

Sen. Angus King’s GOSAFE Act is a Dangerous Overreach.

The GOSAFE Act: Just Another Piece of Reactionary Legislation

Recently the American political landscape witnessed the introduction of a significant and contentious piece of legislation: the Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Firearms Exclusion Act, commonly known as the GOSAFE Act. Crafted to regulate the production, sale, and transfer of certain types of semi-automatic firearms, this Act has ignited a fierce debate nationwide. Its proponents tout it as a necessary step towards curbing gun violence and enhancing public safety. At the same time, its detractors view it as an overreaching move that could have far-reaching consequences on Americans' constitutional rights.

My opinion is that this is just another reactionary response to a tragedy rather than a well-considered strategy to effectively address the root causes of such incidents. In its current form, the Act, like all gun control legislation before it, is more likely to infringe upon the rights of law-abiding American citizens than to deter or prevent criminal activities involving firearms. By focusing on specific types of weapons and implementing what is simply a backdoor “Assault Weapons” Ban, the GOSAFE Act undermines the Second Amendment rights that are foundational to the American ethos of freedom and self-reliance.

Overview of the GOSAFE Act


Senator Mark Kelly, a Democrat from Arizona and GOSAFE Act Co-Sponsor. Photographer: Eric Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images


Main Provisions of the GOSAFE Act

The Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Firearms Exclusion Act, introduced on November 29, 2023, represents a significant legislative attempt to regulate certain firearms in the United States. The key provisions of the GOSAFE Act include:

  1. Regulation of Firearm Types: The Act primarily focuses on gas-operated semi-automatic firearms. These are weapons that use the energy from the gas released when a gun is fired to automatically cycle the action, eject the spent cartridge, and load a new one. The Act also specifies a list of firearm types that are also exempt from the ban:

    Exemptions include:

    • .22 caliber rimfire or less firearms
    • Bolt action rifles
    • Semi-automatic shotguns
    • Recoil-operated handguns
    • Any rifle with a permanently fixed magazine of 10 rounds or less
    • Any shotgun with a permanently fixed magazine of 10 rounds or less
    • Any handgun with a permanently fixed magazine of 15 rounds or less
  2. Ban on Specific Firearms and Accessories: The GOSAFE Act proposes a ban on semi-automatic rifles that are capable of accepting detachable magazines, as well as magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. It's an “Assault Weapon Ban” but they are just using different wording.
  3. Control over Manufacture and Sale: The Act seeks to regulate not just the ownership, but also the manufacture and sale of these specific types of firearms. This includes establishing criteria for what firearms can be legally produced and sold in the U.S.
  4. Potential List of Prohibited Firearms: A significant aspect of the GOSAFE Act is the creation of a list of prohibited firearms, which could be subject to change and expansion over time, leading to concerns about the scope of this legislation.

Implications of Targeting Specific Firearms

The focus of the GOSAFE Act on specific types of firearms raises several implications:

  1. Selective Restriction: By targeting gas-operated semi-automatic firearms, the Act effectively singles out a category of weapons that are incredibly popular among many gun enthusiasts for their efficiency and reliability. This selective restriction classifies these firearms as more dangerous than others or unnecessary.
  2. Impact on Gun Owners: The proposed restrictions would have a direct impact on current and prospective gun owners who prefer these types of rifles for various purposes, including self-defense, hunting, and recreational shooting.
  3. Ineffectiveness: Focusing on a specific type of weapon rather than addressing broader issues such as mental health, socio-economic factors, and enforcement of existing laws would not lead to any significant reduction in gun-related incidents and to think otherwise requires a great deal of ignorance on the subject.
  4. Constitutional Concerns: The GOSAFE Act is an infringement upon the Second Amendment, plain and simple. Not only that, the Act will set a precedent for further restrictions, leading to a continual erosion of gun rights.

GOSAFE Act Co-Sponsor and New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich. Photo Credit: KUNM

Responses from Gun Rights Groups

Gun Owners of America (GOA):

Firearms Policy Coalition:

National Rifle Association (NRA):

“This legislation blatantly violates the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court rulings by banning the very types of firearms and magazines most often utilized by Americans for defending themselves and their families. This bill unjustly and improperly places the full burden of the law on law-abiding residents, while doing nothing to take guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. The NRA opposes this legislation and will fight to protect the constitutional freedoms of all law-abiding Americans.”

The GOSAFE Act: A Reaction to Tragedy

The timing of the introduction of the Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Firearms Exclusion Act (GOSAFE) is notably significant, coming in the wake of a devastating shooting in Lewiston, Maine. This tragic event, which resulted in significant loss of life, undoubtedly stirred public and political emotions, creating a demand for immediate action to prevent future tragedies. The GOSAFE Act is the emotional response to this tragic event.

The Pitfalls of Emotion-Driven Legislation

  1. Emotional Response vs. Comprehensive Solutions: While the emotional impetus behind the GOSAFE Act is understandable, it raises concerns about the depth and breadth of the solutions it proposes. Legislation driven by emotion, particularly in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy, often prioritizes quick fixes over long-term, comprehensive strategies that address the underlying causes of violence.
  2. Overlooking Complex Factors: The root causes of violence are complex and multifaceted, involving issues like mental health, societal inequalities, criminal activities, and cultural attitudes towards violence. A reactionary bill like the GOSAFE Act focused primarily on specific types of firearms, overlooks these broader factors, missing an opportunity to address the issue in its entirety.
  3. Ineffective Legislation: History has shown that policies crafted in the heat of the moment may not always be the most effective in achieving their intended goals. The GOSAFE Act is no different. It doesn't help any of us, it just hurts law-abiding Americans who wish to use the best tools available.
  4. Public Polarization: Reactionary legislation, especially in the realm of gun control, will further polarize public opinion. In a country where gun rights are a deeply contentious and divisive issue, a law like the GOSAFE Act, emerging from a highly charged emotional context, will exacerbate these divisions rather than foster constructive dialogue and consensus.
  5. Long-Term Implications: While the immediate goal of the GOSAFE Act may be an ignorant attempt to prevent future tragedies like the Lewiston shooting, it's essential to consider the long-term implications of such legislation on American society. This includes further eroding our constitutional rights, diminishing public safety, and further polarizing the national conversation about gun control and violence.


Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet is the 4th and final Co-Sponsor of the GOSAFE Act (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)


A Call to Action Against the GOSAFE Act

This legislation represents a misguided and potentially damaging approach to addressing violence in the United States. The GOSAFE Act, while emerging from a place of concern and urgency following tragic events, stands as an ineffective, reactionary measure that oversteps the boundaries of reasonable gun control and treads perilously close to infringing upon the constitutional rights of American citizens.

At its core, the GOSAFE Act can be seen as a backdoor assault weapons ban, targeting specific types of firearms under the guise of public safety. However, in doing so, it disproportionately penalizes law-abiding gun owners, failing to address the actual perpetrators of violence. This legislation also seems to attempt an end-run around the Constitution by claiming not to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms, while in reality, it significantly limits the availability of certain firearms. This is not just a matter of gun control; it is a question of upholding the fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded.

It is incumbent upon each of us, as concerned citizens and defenders of our constitutional rights, to take a stand against the GOSAFE Act. We must raise our voices to ensure that our representatives understand the depth of our concern and the flaws inherent in this legislation. I urge you, the reader, to contact your senators and representatives, to express your opposition to the GOSAFE Act. They must hear from us, their constituents, to understand that we expect them to do their duty, to respect our rights, and to vote down this deeply flawed piece of legislation.

While the intention behind the GOSAFE Act may stem from a desire to protect, its execution and implications are deeply troubling. Let us not be swayed by reactionary measures that offer false promises of safety at the expense of our liberties. Instead, let's advocate for more thoughtful, comprehensive approaches to violence that respect our constitutional rights and address the real issues at the heart of this complex problem. The time to act is now – let's ensure our voices are heard loud and clear.



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