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Episode 175: Road Rage Turns Into Deadly Shooting

Last week we told you about the war on guns that is building and is coming. This week we see skewed and biased reporting from Quinnipiac University with a poll about support for an assault weapons ban. We see so-called journalistic publications asking for donations to help them publish content on guns, gun violence, […]

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Episode 173: “Hand Over Your Weapons”

The war against guns and gun rights is just getting started. Election results across the country last week weren’t favorable towards the 2nd Amendment. Virginia and New Jersey have new anti-gun governors. Media outlets are suggested it is a referendum against Trump and because the voters want gun control. Is that really the case? […]

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American's trust of the news media is at an all time low.

Astounding Videos of Firearm Misinformation and Lies

We assume that our elected politicians have a great understanding of the facts surrounding the issues affecting their constituencies. Or, if they don’t have a grasp of the topic, they spend time educating themselves so they can make appropriate recommendations and decisions. After all, their decisions have a far-reaching impact on the lives of so […]

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Episode 155: Is Paul Ryan Holding Up CCW Reciprocity Bill??

On this 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, we hope and pray folks in Texas and Florida are doing ay after these two recent hurricanes. Today Riley Bowman discusses with Matthew Maruster possible gun confiscation in the Virgin Islands during and after Hurricane Irma passed through, bills in California requiring that gun dealers […]

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