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doctor appointment concealed carry

Raise Your Hand and Say “I” if You Think Doctors Should Stick With Medicine, Not Guns

Ooops, they did it again. Here is a doctor’s quote taken from everyone’s favorite “news” source, CNN: The evidence is overwhelming that firearm violence in the United States — firearms killing people, scaring people, injuring people — is an enormous public health problem Our country’s physicians are once again inserting their noses where they don’t […]

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Ikea Gun Policy

What is IKEA’s Gun Policy?

After an incident at an┬áIndiana┬áIKEA this week in which a young child found an unattended firearm in the Swedish furniture store, has decided to take a lo at the company’s gun policy to see where the company stands on guns and carrying while in their stores. THE INDIANA INCIDENT First, we are going to […]

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The #Enough School Walkout has been covered as a raging success. But has anyone thought about the obvious problems that come from turning kids against one another?

Aftershock of the Gun Control, School Walkout.

Those children and adults participating in March 14th’s #Enough Gun Control Student Walkout were depicted as courageous, intelligent and a representation of all Americans’ opinions on gun control. Using children as the mouthpiece for this cause has created a situation of moral black. The technique used is insisting you cannot separate the child from the […]

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