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The Problem As I See It Is That We Have No Leadership For The Fight To Come

No doubt, many agree with some of the chants and signs coming from the marchers. But is it a belief based on facts?

Recent months have shown the gun grabber's organizational power. They have successfully amassed huge protests for gun control all over the country and have shown that they are a force to be taken seriously, in my opinion, for the first time ever. This is a big deal, and I'm paying attention. I hope you are, as well.

On our side, we have massive organizations like NSSF, NRA, GOA, even USCCA and others, but nobody is organizing any assemblies. Nobody is doing anything except small time people who have almost zero reach. And, to make things even worse, we have some of these organizations who hate each other, when we really should all be on the same side. How else can we be taken seriously?

This family feud we have going on where one pro-gun organization won't talk to the next makes us look weak. I'm a member of the 5 million member strong NRA … why haven't I gotten anything in the mail saying that we need to organize? Why is it that the little organizations with zero following are the ones trying to do something that, when only a few thousand people show up, will just make us look like nobody actually wants the right to keep and bear arms?

Let me repeat myself a bit differently, holding highly publicized marches where nobody shows up will only hurt us. In my opinion, it'd be better if we didn't even assemble because at least then it makes it look like we are waiting for the fight. At least then it keeps them guessing …

But if we hold protests and only draw less than 1000 people per city, we look weak, when we aren't.

It's not the little guy's fault and I commend anyone who tries. I blame the big organizations who are not utilizing their power properly. The time to play the nice guy is now over. We either need to fight fire with fire, or break open the fire hydrant to extinguish their spark. Because, what we are doing, currently, is not working.

The time is now that we put our petty differences aside and march together in support of freedom. The time is now to put aside the caliber and handgun wars. The Glock VS 1911 and 9mm VS .45 talk has to stop, because, all that really matters is that we assemble together with one goal:

To preserve the rights we have, and maybe even get them back to what they were when the founding fathers put this country together.

But, we need someone to organize it, because the event coming up this weekend that takes place during the Concealed Carry Expo, is likely not going to be big enough. Why? First, the USCCA's event will draw tens of thousands of folks that may have otherwise gone to the protest. Second, not enough people know about it because the organization putting it on is not big enough. Again, nothing against them because they are trying. But, it's really hard to fight a massive opponent backed by Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, and the rest of the high-rollers giving $500,000 each.

So what do we do? We need to strongly suggest to the organizations that represent us to assemble. We need to strongly suggest they organize something to make it look like we do care.

If we can't even assemble peacefully for our rights at this point, how will we fight when they come to take our guns away? How hard is it to be successful in little unorganized groups spread out all over the country? Wouldn't it be better if there was a plan to strategize those little groups to work as a well-oiled machine?

Make no mistake, friends, they want to take your guns away, no matter what they say. That is the end goal. They have said it and anyone who claims otherwise is lying to you.

They may not have active plans to come and take your guns, and they are hoping that you'll just turn them over as some are already doing. The water is being tested with places like Deerfield IL., to see what happens. Right now, we are looking like a group of people who will roll over. We are not looking like a group of people who will fight, because we can't even organize a large, peaceful assembly for crying out loud!

The time is now friends. We need to do this thing now. I urge you to suggest a march. We need the assistance of a larger organization to throw their weight behind it, because right now we look weak and that's not a good spot to be in.

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Again, I wanted to stress that I, the editor of, throw what little weight I have behind the efforts put forth by the group putting on this weekend's demonstration, which is why we're telling our audience about it. I'm hoping it will be a success, but we need more, bigger organizations to come along side us little folk.

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  1. Matthew April 11, 2018 at 10:43 am #

    Very true Josh. This is a problem of not only gun owners but conservatives in general.

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