Understanding Gun Violence: Numbers, Context, and Solutions

gun confiscation

Gun violence is a subject that permeates American discourse, touching on media, politics, and public concern. Addressing this issue requires a careful examination of the numbers and a comparison to global statistics. To begin, let’s establish a clear definition of what constitutes “gun violence” and then ve into America’s specific statistics for 2022. What is…

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What to do With Autocrats Like Michelle Lujan Grisham?

governess bans 2a rights

New Mexico Governess Michelle Lujan Grisham did something exceptional last week. By going full autocrat, and claiming she would suspend the Second Amendment while declaring a ‘health emergency,’ the governess united some of the most ardent anti-gun and pro-gun figures across the country. Autocrat Governess Michelle Lujan Grisham- In an address, Governess Michelle Lujan Grisham—who…

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I’m Okay Giving up Some of That Freedom—Tulsa PD Chief

Wendell Franklin

July 4th is almost here, so pretty soon we will see Independence Day celebrations with fireworks, BBQs and parades in towns all across the country. On that day, the country celebrates our nations “birth” and the ratification of our founding document, the United States Constitution, declaring we would no longer be subjects of the British…

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Judge Grants Injunction Against Parts of CA Handgun Roster

Yesterday, Federal Judge Cormac J. Carney granted an injunction for the plaintiffs in court case Boland v. Bonta. The plaintiffs challenge3 requirements in California’s restrictive handgun roster that prohibits Californians’ ability to purchase the latest handguns, and in doing so, unnecessarily restrains their Second Amendment rights. Injunction Issued in Bolan v. Bonta— The plaintiffs, Lance…

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