How to Become a Felon? The Absurdity of Arbitrary Gun Laws.

Arbitrary gun laws are turning law-abiding gun owners into criminals. Doesn't seem right. Or is that actually the goal.

A common argument that gun owners make is that arbitrary gun laws turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals. Is it true?

Shaneen Allen Incident:

27-year-old Shaneen Allen, a phlebotomist living in Pennsylvania puts her two young children in the family car and drives to New Jersey. She makes an unsafe lane change while there, and is stopped by Police. She tells the officer that she has a valid concealed carry license and that her .380 Bersa handgun is in the vehicle. The officer advises Allen that NJ does not honor her PA concealed handgun license. In fact, she is in violation of a felony statute by transporting a loaded, concealed firearm. And the firearm had hollow-point bullets, another felony crime in New Jersey. 

Public enemy #1 in New Jersey. This mother who had no criminal history faced 3 years in prison.

So, she is arrested and charged for her crime and faces a 3-year prison sentence without the possibility of parole. The prosecutor moves forward with the charges, and the judge denies her the ability to enter a diversionary program to avoid prison time. Only after a pardon by then Governor Chris Christie, does Allen have the weight of a felony prosecution lifted off her shoulders. 

Why did Allen get a concealed handgun license and have the gun in the first place? The answer is simple … self-protection. See Allen is a single mother raising two children in a city with much crime. She purchased the firearm a week prior to this incident because she had been robbed and beaten twice that year. Seems reasonable right? By the way, Allen had no prior criminal history whatsoever, until that day.

Oh and this concealed carrier actually trains with her firearm. Seems pretty responsible if you ask me.

That's just one, rare example, right?

Don't Fly in New York:

How about Colorado resident, 28-year-old Haley Leach. She visited New York state to do some hunting. She intended to fly back to Colorado after her trip. She checks into the NY airport and declares that she has a handgun locked in a box for transportation. Note this is the same handgun and process of declaration she made when traveling TO New York.

Haley Leach, another victim of arbitrary gun laws.

Poor Haley is arrested on scene for illegal possession of a firearm. Kudos, now she won't be able to carry out her plan to harm her fellow citizens.

How About one More Gem From the Big Apple:

A woman from North Carolina moves to Brooklyn, New York. She owns a .40 handgun, which she brought with her from North Carolina. One night, her ex-boyfriend kicks down her door and rushes into her home. Fearing for her life, she shoots the ex-boyfriend, stopping his attack and possibly saving her life. Even after investigating the shooting, the police find she acted within her rights in her claim of self-defense.

But she will be victimized again that night, this time by the police. She is arrested because she had not registered her handgun with the state of New York. Another citizen facing felony charges for illegally possessing a firearm.

When the Script is Flipped:

But what would happen if those pushing for more gun control laws, were in violation themselves?

It seems like every gun-control proponent is trying to one-up each other to display how virtuous they are. Your worth is directly tied to how many anti-gun mistruths you can regurgitate. The more hatred of gun owners you display, the more cool points you earn. The pathetic publicity stunts are only meant to make themselves feel better. They don't actually do anything productive. Well, I take that back …

Take Virginia Democratic Congressional candidate, Karen Mallard. She is so fed up with “gun violence” and people disobeying gun laws, that she simply can't take it anymore. She decides to post a video on Facebook of her idiotic ‘common sense‘ solution to solving mass shootings. I am not joking, she actually has a foolproof plan.

She grabs an AR-15 that belongs to her husband and brings it out to the backyard. Like some paganistic sacrifice to the Anti-Gun gods, she vows to cut the gun up so it “can never be used to harm anyone.”

(on a side note, if Mrs. Mallard believed she wasn't responsible or stable enough to control the inanimate evil death machine AR-15 in her home,  out of fear that it would somehow possess her to commit a mass shooting, she could lock it in a safe, or sell it to a legal, responsible gun owner who doesn't go around killing people). I wonder how many criminals saw her video, jumped up and decided to cut up their guns and end their life of crime? Probably none, but I digress.

When virtue signaling leads you to commit a felony.

Mallard exposes her dogmatic beliefs, in a diatribe of anti-gun, misinformed talking points. She then takes a grinder to the barrel of the AR-15. As sparks fly and the barrel is cut in two, I can almost hear anti-gunners sobbing tears of joy.

Only one problem, she has just committed a felony for thousands to see.

See in addition to strict regulation of ‘machine-guns' or ‘fully-automatic' firearms, the ATF regulates SBR's (Short Barrel Rifles). Gun owners can't simply cut the barrel on their rifle to make it shorter. I know it makes it look less scary to the CNN news reporter, but you just can't do it. Well, you can, but it involves lots of paperwork, extensive background checks, a tax payment to the government and a long wait time. All of which I am guessing Mrs. Congressional Candidate failed to do.

These are laws that most gun owners know, but those claiming that it is easier to buy a machine gun than get a library book, dismiss it as an inconvenient truth.

Of course, Mallard is interviewed favorably by the media because they believe what she is doing is righteous and just. Then in another astounding lack of common sense, she admits on camera that she ‘knew what she was doing, but the gun had already been rendered inoperable.' Sorry Mrs. Mallard, the fact that the rifle may or may not have been rendered inoperable is inconsequential to creating an illegal SBR. For public defenders, the next time you defend a gang member with a sawed-off shotgun or rifle with a 3″ barrel, just use the defense, that your client is pretty sure the gun didn't work anyhow.

This guy needs his 60 seconds of fame. After all, he cares about stopping crime more than you do.

In Mallard's defense, she is not the only moron posting to the internet videos of themselves creating SBR's in the name of ‘gun safety.' I stopped looking after I came across the third such video. The complete ridiculousness of violating gun laws, in order to petition for more gun laws, was hurting my brain.

Why does this matter? The DOJ is ‘investigating' Mallard. But does anyone really think she will face charges? How about any of the other brainiacs that want to teach us how to be more compassionate and caring human beings by making illegal SBR's? I'm going to guess that none of them will.

On the flipside, Mrs. Allen's and Mrs. Leach are gun owners, supporters of gun rights. They are simply deplorables who probably cling to their Bibles just as tightly as they do to their guns. If they actually don't, who cares, it sounded good when former President Obama said it. People like Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Leach are not smart enough to understand just how bad they are. Only with the help of highly educated elites, can these people be shown the error of their way.

In this religion of Anti-Gunners, there is no differentiation between the millions of law-abiding gun owners who have never hurt anyone and the few psychopathic monsters that choose to use a gun instead of a knife, bomb truck, or blunt object to kill. The concealed carrier who stops a mass shooting with a firearm is indistinguishable from the mass shooter himself. This is why the NRA and its members are the killers of children, not the sick person who pulled the trigger.

Breaking gun laws, to argue for passing and enforcing new gun laws.

Gun Laws Exist For a Reason:

As a former cop, I know the importance of extremely strict gun laws. I believe in gun enhancement charges and stiff sentences for violators. If anyone uses a gun in the commission of a crime, he or she should be locked up for as long as possible.

The problem, is that these arbitrary and overreaching laws only punish law-abiding citizens. The very people the laws were supposedly enacted to protect. Creating a class of instant felons, for simply crossing an invisible line. One side of the line, you're a law-abiding concealed handgun carrier. Step across the line, and you face the same charges as a gang member toting an illegal firearm. Does that seem fair or make sense to anyone?

Perhaps it's not meant to be fair. Is it possible that these laws are designed to make legally carrying a firearm so difficult that people stop doing it? Is it possible that laws like these are passed under the guise of public safety, but really only punish law-abiding citizens who wouldn't have killed anyone in the first place? I think anyone who truly takes time to study the epic failure of gun-control laws knows the answer to that question.

The ATF is ‘investigating' Karen Mallard for making an illegal short barreled rifle (SBR)

More gun laws have shown they are not effective and the new round of laws will be no different. The only thing that arbitrary gun laws do is turn otherwise law-abiding Americans into criminals. Even you, Mrs. Mallard. Leave your thoughts on this nonsense in a comment below.

About Matthew Maruster

I follow my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the eternal co-equal Son of God. I currently live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife and daughter. I served in the Marine Corps Infantry. I was a Staff Sergeant and served as a Platoon Sergeant during combat in Iraq. After I was a police officer at a municipal agency in San Diego County. I have a Bachelors's Degree in Criminal Justice from National University. MJ Maruster Defense.


  1. davida on March 14, 2018 at 8:54 am

    are anti gun laws weapons of war?
    Despotic heads of government have used them as such.

    Are we seeing that here in USA for 50 years say or since gun restrictions in 1934?

    I have bin watching this topic (GUN CONTROL ) for 50 years. Here is the larger picture.

    legislated ‘gun control ‘ is MAINLY to blame for what is now MOST mass shootings. Yea there were some all along before the 60’s. back when civilians could buy oh my gosh, MACHINE GUNS and they get vetted maybe more then cops.

    The cheep solution is to ; Drop all gun laws since 1960 / its fast and near cost free. start reviewing now yea NOW.

    ITS A PITY a Joe McCarthy type representative is not watching our congress and senators since he died in 1957 on look out for the anti gunners assault we have seen.

    one question is ,
    Can I get a pro-gun conservative’s sincere views on how to stop school shootings in the US? Can it really be done without introducing strict gun laws?
    Answer is;
    Firearms Guide – Identification of Firearms Within the Purview of the National Firearms Act
    above are real machine guns that are ALREADY REGULATED.

    Gun control is what has set this school up as a sitting duck for 28 years (gun free school zones ) how long must an attractive nusence exist before it draws tragity?

    Statements of fact.
    ( I can substansciate them all)
    1. Guns are not the problem, gun control is not the answer.
    2, Criminals look for easy targets. Armed people , or there free ability to be , are not easy targets.
    3. Every unjust attack needs to be repelled and have the means to do so.
    4. Basics in gun safety should be returned to school teachings.
    5. The only effective ‘gun control’ is hitting the attacking target and not what is not attacking when a gun is used.

    We need to;

    1. REMOVE anti gunners from office for failure to uphold the constitution and there oaths of office.
    2. Review and remove every gun law that is not effective, when or where, other laws have made the ‘bad action’ a crime. With very few exceptions should any stay.
    3. Look into ways to catch wind of and help distressed individuals .
    4. Find more ways to help criminals to succeed getting gainful work under the rules once freed.
    5. Add additional life skills in schools and jails . Balance check book , open an account , job search, many others .
    6. Mentor your fellow man more .
    7. Be a good parent and supportive .
    8. Add to this list and share it.

    I value my descendants rights as much as my own . It is there for our duty to fight for and protect all rights every day. You have choices your children deserve the same .
    ‘Proper gun control ‘ defined

    The only ‘proper’ “gun control” is

    1. what a gun owner uses and does to be sure they hit the attacking target and NOT some other thing.
    2. Its a skill to strive for then thru practice and training with a gun.
    3. It has nothing to do with regulations s or laws
    FYI I am and you are, still a member of the unorganized militia because cops have no duty to protect my family or yours .

    So if your still un-armed , How do you protect any thing besides freeload on the benefit that all can be armed for protection? ( like criminals out free are forced to do)

    ( Even ex criminals out free on the street needs protection from muggings. They will just have to get it from everyone else who might be armed as a benefit . )

    Once law disarms you your in a sitting duck situation WAITING for trouble to find you.

    1. THIS is the problem causing mass shootings anyplace.
    2. ( mmm … why criminals will arm up.)
    3. Any gun owner made a paper felon by anti gun laws, would do ,,who had no due process, or did no wrong , would do, from principal. . AKA ignoring illegal laws.

    Anti gun laws and States have made to many easy targets by stifling self defense by making it likely you will run afoul of a gun law that has no care whether the state can prove, your or an, ill intent before charging you.

    This has stifled gun ownership and self defense carry.

    IN effect your screwed for being prepared for defense and no means to be vetted by the state by getting a CCL as a shall issue permit process at costs no more then drivers licences.

    That is obviously ‘infringement’.

    Full auto’s are curtailed mostly to govt and police, not banned. (even to civilians) Nor should any lesser arm. So banning is not an answer when involving rights.
    Free speech is a right but can we ban or remove politicians for speaking a lie? Even if in error ?

    But they CAN be removed for failure to oath of office.

    I think gun free zones , banning guns from school zones, was a criminal act on there (anti gun politicians ) part .

    It was a set up. Many unjust gun laws are just that, a set up.Its inherently wrong . It has bin an intentional failure to up hold there oath of office.
    (maybe they thought no one was watching.)


    Its a choice every one may have to make .

    Anti gunners want to force a choice .
    Pro gunners say its your right to decide for yourself and your situation.

    If your situation changes:

    pro gunners say; YOU can fix that .
    anti gunners ; its to late to fix that.

    Most think it is best to leave options open.

    No one forces you to have a gun
    But some try to force you NOT to have one.

    The fact is:
    Non gun owners gain benefit when thugs know all COULD be armed.
    Everyone loses if there is all sitting ducks
    What is smarter for all?
    BINGO !
    Buy Initially New Guns Only / BINGO

    our rights to guns kept the peace before there were cops, the national guard, a standing military even and it still can anyplace we are at. All you need do is exercise them.

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