Is Tulsi Gabbard an Alt-Right Second Amendment Extremist?

As of 2021, Tulsi Gabbard is no longer the State Representative of Hawaii, and just recently she left the Democratic Party, calling herself an Independant. I just found out that Tulsi Gabbard has a video show on YouTube appropriately titled, The Tulsi Gabbard Show. In a recent episode, Gabbard said: …my views on the Second…

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Independence Day Holiday and The Second Amendment

As in years past, as Independence Day, AKA the July 4th holiday draws near, I ponder the founding fathers’ intention when they penned the Bill of Rights. The ever-important document which, among other things, protects the basic and inherent rights of Americans to speak freely, follow any religion, and the bear arms. The 4th of…

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Why Does Anyone Need an AR 15 Rifle?

AR15 ban

When was the last time you heard that AR 15 assault rifles and other weapons of war have no place on our streets? Will banning or highly regulating all AR15 rifles make the average citizen safer? And who needs an AR 15 anyhow? Finally, what are the top reasons for owning an AR 15? I…

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Knife Attacks Cause Britain Schools to Teach Trauma Aid to Teens

knife crime goes up in UK

Knife attacks continue to surge in several UK cities, prompting schools to introduce emergency knife wound trauma curriculum to teenagers. Not only are knife attacks a significant issue for Britains, violent crime, but even incidents involving firearms have also steadily increased over the last decade. Why does this matter for us Americans? Gun Control and…

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