New York’s New Anti-Gun Laws Are a Disaster-Go Live Today

When the United States Supreme Court ruled in New York Pistol and Rifle Association v. Bruen, that subjective governmental means tests placed on a citizen’s right to get a concealed carry permit were unconstitutional, people on both sides of the gun debate knew it wasn’t over. While states reformed their permit programs to conform to…

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Are strict gun laws making people safer?

gun control and knife attack

There is a lot of debate surrounding strict gun laws and their impact on public safety. Some people argue that states with stricter gun laws are dangerous, while others claim that these laws make communities safer. So, which is it? Myth or fact? Because so many variables determine a state’s overall crime rate, it…

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Survey Numbers Not Good for Gun Control Zealots

academy sports PLACA

The following survey results may be disturbing to some audiences; reader discretion is advised. The numbers from a December 2021 Trafalgar Group survey seem to say that on one question dealing with gun control laws, an overwhelming majority of voters of all political ideologies think they aren’t helping. Clear and Transparent — Often, people present…

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SAPA-Second Amendment Protection Act Wins 1st Legal Test

Missouri SAPA 2a law

Missouri House Bills 85 and 310, known as the Second Amendment Protection Act (SAPA), passed out of legislature on May 15, 2021. The Governor signed the final bill on June 12, 2021. The law is an important step and response to a Federal Government overtly hostile to the Second Amendment. Watching SAPA Law Challenges: While…

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