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This is an online video course that will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and tactics to prepare for and win a fight inside your own home.

In total, this training program runs over 8 hours long and is designed to comprehensively touch on every factor relating to a strong home defense. The Course is Broken Into 3 Unique DVDs


  • There are 3.7 Million Home Burglaries Annually. (1 in 34 homes)
  • 1 Million of those each year are Robberies (Homeowner is present)
  • Of Robberies, 26% (266,560) each year become violent crimes against one or more home occupants
  • 40% of Robberies involve firearms and 7.8% include knives or other cutting devices

Yes, You Should Lock Your Doors and Windows BUT 58% of Home Invasions used some type of forcible entry. Do you have a plan to respond if an armed intruder forces their way into your home?

Welcome To Complete Home Defense

This is an online video course that will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and tactics to prepare for and win a fight inside your own home.

In total, this training program runs over 7 hours long and is designed to comprehensively touch on every factor relating to a strong home defense. The Course is Broken Into 3 Unique DVDs

Disc 1: Preparing Your Fortress:

  • How neighbor relationships can be helpful and important in your strategy
  • The proper way to maintain landscaping to minimize risks
  • Exterior lighting and surveillance video options and strategies
  • Securing Entry Points
  • Tools to prevent door ambushes and forcible entry
  • Safe Rooms & Their Attributes
  • Where and How to Hide and Stage Firearms For Quick Access
  • How to Pick out and Where to Place Firearms Safes to Maximize Access and Minimize Risk
  • How to choose between Carbines, Handguns, Shotguns, and PCCs
  • The best tools, accessories, and methods for staging each of those firearms
  • Analyzing different rifle, shotgun, and handgun ammunition for home use
  • Lights and Lasers
  • Improvised Weapons
Disc 2 – Securing The Advantage
  • How to Use Fatal Funnels To Your Advantage and How to Not Get Stuck In Them
  • Means of Egress and the Importance of Not Cornering the Animal
  • Considerations for Wild Animals and Household Pets
  • How to Find and Prepare Lanes of Fire
  • Over Penetration – A Real World Test of Different Firearms and Ammunition in Penetrating Through Drywall and Home Walls
  • How to Tactically Prepare Exterior Structures Like Detached Garages, Tool-sheds, Barns, and Your Vehicles
  • The 5 Fundamentals of Home Defense & Home to Apply These to Your Defense Plan
  • How to Properly Answer The Door and Deal With Necessary Strangers Like Repair People
  • Why and How to Carry A Gun In the Home Including a Look at Off Body Carry
  • What Tools to Stage in Each Safe Room
  • How to Barricade Family in A Safe Room
  • Means of Escaping and Leveraging the Safe Room Chokepoint
  • How to Clear Rooms and Move Through The House to Get to Loved Ones
  • One Easy to Remember Strategy to Dealing With Home Intruders That You Can Use to Build and Practice The Best Response Plan
  • A Look at Common Objects and Furniture in The Home That Will And Won't Stop Bullets
  • A Clear Roadmap and Template For Building Your Own Response Plans
  • How To Run Dry Fire Practice Sessions
  • How to Apply Dry Fire Practice in The Home Environment
  • How to Properly Prepare and Teach Teenagers Who Are Left Home Alone
  • Best Practices for Babysitters and Other Responsible Adults In Your Home
  • How To Approach An Empty Home You are Renting or Showing As a Realtor
Disc 3 – A Tactical Response
  • How to Choose Between Handheld & Weapon-Mounted Lights
  • The Different Techniques For Using A Handheld Light
  • How To Use A Light Including Movement Through The Home In the Dark
  • Retaining Your Firearm When Moving Through Transitional Spaces
  • How to Win A Fight Over Your Gun
  • Team Tactics And Working With Other Trained Respondents
  • A Review of Law That is Universally Applicable in All 50 States About When You Can Use Deadly Force
  • Medical Trauma Care of Loved Ones
  • How to Place the 911 Call and What Information to Provide to Dispatch

BONUS: In this course, you will see 7 unique re-enactments of different home attack situations, based on real stories, that will provide contextual lessons you can't learn any other way. These include what happens when you get ambushed at the door, reacting to the bump in the night, moving through and using fatal funnels, using team tactics with a spouse or friend, properly identifying targets, and much more.


Your Instructors:

Riley Bowman on the left | Jacob Paulsen on the Right

Riley Bowman is the Creator and host of The Concealed Carry Podcast. Riley is an accomplished firearms shooter and instructor. With a background in law enforcement and security, Riley enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise when it comes to firearms safety, self-defense and concealed carry. Riley is an NRA Pistol Instructor and is also a Colorado P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement Handgun and Patrol Rifle Instructor, USCCA Training Councilor, as well as a certified Glock & Sig Sauer Armorer. Riley successfully won his division of the Rocky Mountain Regional Championship of The American Marksman competition and was a finalist at the National Championship.

Jacob S. Paulsen is the President of and co-host of The Concealed Carry Podcast. Jacob is a NRA certified instructor, Range Safety Officer, Utah BCI Instructor, USCCA Instructor & Training Councilor, Affiliate Instructor for Next Level Training & L.A.S.R, and a certified armorer for Glock and Sig Sauer. Jacob leads the instructor team of over 50 network instructors in 25 states.

You May Never Learn This From Your Range or Instructor

Even though your home is recognized industry-wide as the place where you are most likely to use your firearm in self-defense; it remains an environment that presents challenges that are difficult to train and prepare for. Local gun ranges and destination firearm training academies rarely have any home defense related courses since the environment is hard to build and train in with live fire ammunition.

Even if you do find a course there is the expense of paying for you, your spouse, and other adults in your family to attend, and the challenge in remembering all the content well enough to come home and put it into action in your own home. While this course can never replace live in-person training; it does allow you to take your time, rewind and review material, and view it with every adult member of your household at no extra cost!




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3 reviews for Complete Home Defense Tactics For Defending Your Castle DVDs

  1. Rob (verified owner)

    This is a long course but a great course that covers so many aspects of home defense. From staging firearms inside to how to think about going outside to prevent an ambush. Great information and will be watching this multiple times to get all the nuggets of information.

  2. Jenny (verified owner)

    Just started the first DVD. There is a lot of information to absorb, but the amount of info is necessary to prepare. I will have to watch again just to make sure I comprehend everything. So far, I have a lot to learn.

  3. d3varms (verified owner)

    As the others mentioned, this is a long course. But that is a good thing. Many details are provided about all parts of defending your home and being prepared. Their is a wealth of knowledge here that will be helpful to anyone. In addition to firearm choice, and staging, the course also covers how to prepare your other family members, things to consider about the layout of your house, home security, and how to deal with an intruder or prevent them from becoming an intruder.

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